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Saturday, July 10, 2010

State checking immigration status at traffic stops

Oh it's that mean old state of Arizona right?


It's Rhode Island and they've been doing it since 2008. No lawsuit from Obama/Holder? And Rhode Island didn't even pass legislation, the governor just signed an executive order!

They don't impose any fine, they just call I.C.E. to come pick up the offender. Isn't that still a preemption of Federal Law?

But no lawsuit from the Feds.... hmmmm.

pssst maybe it's cause RI is democrat...

Great blog btw.


Stan's #1 Fan said...

I agree with Stan. Who cares about Rhode Island? It's small and remote and even if they removed every undocumented inhabitant it would really affect anything. President Obama is going after the neocon racists in Arizona because cracking down on the unfortunate undocumented migrants really can damage the flow and can hurt the chances of putting them on a path to citizenship that they are entitled to so that way they'll vote for more progressive leaders!

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Oh joy! Stan's #1 Fan on my blog awesome!!!


Now tell us, who are you really?

butt jist axen neckid said...

two words.......RAC IST!!!

is rhode island really a state or just a county????