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Thursday, July 8, 2010

WH "Goons" visit Louisiana Parish on Fathers Day

Mr. Nungesser has been speaking publicly about who was in charge of the oil spill and when. The White House does not like this, so then sent some "officials" to visit Nungesser. On FATHER'S DAY????

“What do we have to do to keep you off tv?” He simply replied, “give me what I need.”


butt big-it neckid said...

you can take the BOY outa the ghetto.....but you can't take the ghrtto outa the BOY.....

and our BOY in public housing is gonna put us all in the ghetto.....

off the reservation said...

Appears that Himmler was not the only person fixated on ghettos.

Obama is a thug. Obama has violated his oath repeatedly. This filthy tyrant in the White House abuses his authority to strong arm people, in fact, let them die.

The main stream media is not innocent in this either. All these ethical, sanctimonious, pontificating, journalists have their dues to pay someday as well.

Lame duck session coming up. It is the last opportunity that they will have to throw the country into turmoil and see their chance to rise up from a massive crises they create.

That is the problem with tyrants fixated on grabbing power. They seem to believe that their schemes will get them to the top. They seem to believe that once they have power they can keep it.

Question is, what will be the powder keg? Is this a slow fuse or will it come out in one large flash of glory?