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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Craziest People In California!

Maybe even in the United States, have to be the Coffee Party!!!

What to Do If a Tea Party Member Moves In Next Door

I'm serious! It's a primer on what to do, to calm their members and remind them that Obama is looking out for them!

Check out one of the comments:

By Obama Love: The Tea Party people are the new Al-Queda. Ramping up the TSA screenings, patriot act, and homeland security are all things Obama must do to keep us safe from these nut jobs. I just saw there leader Ron Paul complianing about the TSA screenings. ..

Really? They are willing to be groped and put up with the Patriot Act and compare the tea party to Al-Qaeda???

Get a look at the writer, I hope that look is a comic twist on his name Coffee Man.

Sorry to scare you, hope you have had your morning coffee!!

1 comment:

J Cooper said...

Wow just Wow,EM where do you find this stuff.LMAO.I registered so I could add some comments just to see what it feels like to be a troll.I started reading some comments and realized I had been beaten to the punch.Just about every comment was telling this clown to F--- Off.I would love to see SFC MAC,OTR and Butt get a hold of this ass clown,they are all so much better than myself.This has got some real entertainment potential.I'm still laffin.