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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Workers World Party

The Coffee Party story was amusing. At first. Then we have this.

Workers World Party as reported by New Zeal blogger. Seems the whole world is watching out for us!

So get ready, cause I'm coming strapped..."

"Don't forget, I got my scope on you Tea Party fascists. I'm reading Lenin, training in target practice. Let's see who's the fastest...."

"After genocide, slavery, AIDS and global warming, this beef is unsquashable, because the class contradictions have become permanently irreconcilable..."

"Remember New Orleans? They let those levees break..."

"That's right boss man, them bells are tolling. It's time to settle the score..."

"They won't be able the dam the rushing tides of people's war..."

"The AKs are clocked, locked and cocked in the Dakotas. Because the North and South belongs to the Lakota..."

"And this is just a first taste of what's to come when all ducks will be in a row. Wait till you see my Panther comrades lead an uprising in every single last ghetto..."

"The Pentagon? they're lucky all these people are sleeping. Cause with all their troops in Iraq, we could easily catch them sleeping...."

"They wanna know why we'll bear arms? that's easily explainable..."

"So follow the Party's command, every woman student and man, fall into position. The Workers World Party will put the bosses up against the wall and bring justice to each one in the order of who's the greediest of them all..."

"And as for the pigs? We're out of time. Because like a good Jew or a Muslim, we don't deal with no swine."

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weasel slapper said...

Will he please just move to a socialist country, live there for a decade and then come back to America. If he still has those same views I will personally send him $1000 to help finance his revolution.