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Sunday, November 21, 2010

S510 - one of the most insidious bills since the health bill. *** Update!

Update: Due to a technicality, this bill MAY be heading back!

Call your senators and reps asap, this one has to be stopped!!!


UnflinchingLiberal said...

I saw your post on the Food "Freedom" site. Unfortunately, Rady doesn't like dissenting opinions and unless she can use them to prove her own point, she deletes them - so I couldn't respond - she now deletes all of my posts.

I noticed you spoke about Food Inc. Here's is Eric Schlosser's opinion on S510:

There's so much disinformation out there about S510. It isn't perfect for sure but it also isn't going to do 99% of what the fear mongers want us to believe.

Auntie Em said...

UL I have read the bill. Have you?

It is a horrible bill. Question for you. WHY would you support it? Do you fear your food sources?

Auntie Em said...

BTW, I watched that video. Here was my response:

What a disappointment. His movie itself shows how we cannot trust the government to protect our food. USDA inspectors do not do their job. Does this guy not realize the damage this bill will do to seed harvesters? It will protect Monsanto and companies like them. The very companies his movie is against. I think greenlance may be correct, he has been bought out.

butt hoardingstuff neckid said...

heeeey sumbuddy go get's an inside job!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dems broke the rules again, and it may have to start in house. Since you can't seem to post at Boortz anymore, thought I would say hi to you and neckid


Auntie Em said...

Hey Booger! Yeah what's with webwench these days?