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Monday, August 27, 2012

Brandon Raub released!

 "A circuit court judge has dismissed the government’s case against Brandon Raub and ordered that the Marine veteran, detained over anti-government Facebook posts, be released from a state psychiatric hospital because authorities had no grounds to detain him, Catie Beck of CBS 6 News reports."

This is what I found disturbing (among many things):   every year in Virginia more than 20,000 people are committed under similar circumstances and "that means a lot of people are disappearing" under the pretext of mental illness.


of the reservation said...

Where do I start? What have we learned from this?

At all costs, Obama must go. He has to go. He has so many corollaries with oppressive regimes under Hitler and Stalin. Our head of DHS (Skunk-headed Butch Napolitano) has so much in common with Goering, gender identity issues, bringing in morally corrupt people, in order to run a government law enforcement agency. Goering started with taking over the police in Prussia, giving freedom to the Brown-Shirts to harass and imprison anyone of their choosing. Prussian police who were outraged by the unethical and immoral behavior were released from their duties. Hitler gained more power. Himmler successfully challenged Goering for that post and created what we know today as the Schutzstaffel, SS. Their target? The Jews and anyone who would not bend to the political will of the NAZI party.

Obama gets reelected, what “Himmler” is waiting in the wings to take over from Napolitano??? Their target? Anyone who can offer resistance to a radical liberal takeover of our government, the veterans of our Armed Forces.

I have worked with a few veterans who returned from Afghanistan after a number of mind-numbing tours. They needed time to decompress from the day in and day out of seeing butchered and raped women and children. Ah yes, the glory of Islam, honor killings. How many hundreds of “brave” Muslims does it take to stalk a fifteen-year-old girl and stone her??? That religion sickens me. The liberals worship this “main-stream” religion. And this is what the Obama liberals strive for.

Who do I vote for in this election come November? I had hoped for Cain. Then I had to register as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul in Texas. That was something that really bugged me. Here was a man professing that we needed to stand for principles. Yet, he joined the Republican Party so that he could be elected to Congress. I have listened to no end of Libertarian arguments that we all should stand on our principles to vote for the Libertarian candidate. But, there is Ron Paul with that big **R** after his name. What happened to the principles there????

I look at Obama. Things are very clear. If he is reelected I become his target along with many other veterans. That “Right Wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” document released by the Skunk Napolitano provides some insight into who they see as their enemies. More and more returning veterans are being classified with PTSD. In turn, a number of states deprive these veterans of the Second Amendment Right without “due process”, infringing their Fourth Amendment Right.

Under Obama, the future is pretty clear. I will be locked up and my property taken because I am a veteran. I served my country. I survived having my ass blown across a road so that the filthy scum liberals could lock me up and crush my rights. Then, from the window of a mental institution, I would watch everything come crushing down. Maybe they administer a deadly dose to me before that? But under Romney? Maybe I still keep my rights and property. But if I vote for a libertarian for president then I might as well vote for Obama.

I agree with libertarians, no matter who we vote for, our country spins into the dark abyss of its out-of-control debt. Ron Paul has set the path clear by his example. Sometimes, you have to compromise something. If Romney wins then I have a chance to survive if we are crushed by our debt. As for the other guy:


of the reservation said...

One critical item that I may point out is the degree to which the Obama administration went to skirt exercising Obama's newly-granted authority under the 2012 NDAA. Under sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA, Holder has no boundaries limiting has ability to declare any US Citizen within the US borders an enemy combatant. Since "hostilities" began with the AUMF 2001 and the Hamdi decision of 2004, the NDAA explicitly sets NO LIMITS on the powers to suspend Habeus Corpus within the boundaries of the US.

So, why not NDAA with Raub? Easy answer, ELECTION YEAR. Once Obama is in for the second term, expect to see people "vanish." Holder communicated in his speech to the Northwestern University Law School, 2012, that they found a really bad guy named Awlaki, a US Citizen who needed to be killed. Yes, this was a very bad man; but like all liberals nibbling away all freedoms, they start with a really bad case that justifies putting our ethics on hold. Then each time after that there is another excuse, and yet another excuse, until finally, people dissenting Obama just "vanish."

We have the most tyrannical despot ever, in the history of our country, ruling our country, allowed unfettered authority over all of us. Congress has muddled through a legal equivocation of the authority to declare war, and handed all of our rights and freedoms over to the murderous liberal movement.

If Obama is elected, it is very clear that he will push the boundaries further, hanging one person after the next that impedes his radical socialist policies. He will destroy this country and "one up" Chavez.

I pray that the Great Spirit will end the tyranny on our land (or send them on a one-way ticket to Cuba to be with Chavez). A large portion of our population has been bought by Democrat-run government handouts. Combined with the lethal liberal movement, they likely have what they need to enslave the hard working people of this country. Like the Obama-sanctioned killing of Awlaki, liberals point to the "evil rich" as a ruse to implement their suffocating rules, federal regulations, taxes, and other means to confiscate property from hard workers.

Liberals are cold-blooded murderers. They advocate the killing of defenseless unborn, even those who survive to be born are still murdered by blood thirsty liberals. The liberal policies target blacks in poor neighborhoods in the name of liberal compassion.

Liberals are thieves. Liberals are doing everything to destroy charities in the name of the state-run centers that support drug habits of homeless people and destroy the work ethic in people who still have hope of being trained.

Liberals rule by force. They work to get their policies passed as a law and then use the end of the government gun to force us to give up our rights, liberties, and property so that liberals can feel compassionate.

Liberals are slave masters. They will even team up with Muslims to usher in culture of subjugation to create their new elitist society.

If a liberal try to put shackles on me I will scalp their children in front of them and then use their entrails to hang them. I will bring death and misery to any liberal if they would attempt to make me their slave.

Liberalism is the way of tyranny and death.