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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Careful who you criticize - you just think you have freedom of speech!

OTR brought this up on an earlier post and I think it is worth its own thread!

There is now a facebook page to show support for Brandon:

Although I'm guessing "someone" will be taking names and watching the posts.  But you can bet I'll be there!


of the reservation said...

Auntie Em,

Thank you for posting!

One of the weapons in the liberal arsenal is to target military everywhere possible. It is a red herring. The liberal cannot offer a coherent argument so they attack the veterans with that feigned "Oh, they are scary, they know how to kill, they are frightening everybody."

Law enforcement agencies act on the volume of complaints, not the veracity. If many people are complaining then they need to react. They fear losing their jobs if they do not make an arrest. Is that not how we rate a police force? By the number of arrests? If the arrests go down then we need to lay people off. Liberals know this game.

In the near term, a partial liberal victory is achieved. Squelch free speech. And they know this. So, their actions do not end there. Step two, PASS A LAW!!!! Under the Patriot Act and in the name of Public Safety, we will have to pass more laws to address more types of "hate speech."

No matter the discussion, liberals will always jump to their favorite space "You cannot yell fire in a movie theater." Watch for it.

In the end, it always plays the same. Rebellion. The more people are "detained" for "observation" in the new US Gulag Archipelago, the greater the anger will burn. Someday, something ever so minor will happen. By itself, that one little action will seem so insignificant. And the anger will erupt. The rebellion will start.

As I have said many times, make a mental list of your local liberals. Start with ten, then twenty, and on and on. Remember their faces. Imagine them with and without beards. Know their families. Know their habits.

And finally, head, lower torso, sides....

of the reservation said...

Looks like that "arrest" worked.

The liberals are descending upon sites looking for their prey, someone they can turn over to the new Gestapo. There is a ghostly quiet in many places. Being shallow as the liberals are, they see this as a "win" for their cause. Underneath the anger simmers. Plans come closer to reality.

Brandon Raub is being held. The institution he is in relies on drugs to imprison its inmates. Imprisoning the mind, convincing someone they are sick, deranged, because they will not fall in line with the government dogma.

As is often the case, he is likely drugged up every time he sees a judge "for his own good." What is his average day like now? Four white padded walls? Is he kept in a straight jacket for his "own good?" As these institutions become crowded with more and more veterans in need of "observation," how long before the atrocities begin? To what extent will this veteran's keepers go to keep him sedated to keep him under control? What will they do to him to pervert his mind into something that only a liberal could love?

Liberals work their perversion on the mind in many ways. One tactic I remember Aleksander Solzhenitsyn recounting to torture people into making confessions was to confuse them by shouting a "truth" at them and then shouting the contradiction as a new "truth." Then they would go back to the old "truth" and beat down the prisoner when they would try to object.

Liberals constantly change the dialogue by changing the meaning of words. It gives them power over the weak-minded. Thanks to decades of public school training, there are many ripe for the picking.

of the reservation said...

Apparently, liberals keep bringing down the you tube video using bogus claims of Copyright violations. Amazing, the liberals are just insane about the growing popularity and doing everything to destroy free speech.

Remember, collect your favorite group of liberals, learn their habits, learn their family. If you have a mental list of ten, grow it to 20.

Remember, head, lower torso, and sides.

of the reservation said...

This is a recent article published by the Washington Times:

There are no words that can adequately describe the disgusting behavior of these so-called "law enforcement" officials. They are the worst scum of the scum. How could any decent man, sworn an oath to uphold the law, stoop to such a disgusting underhanded overreaching of police state power? What kind of perverted individual could do this without becoming utterly nauseated as being a participant in unlawful suppression of another person's rights. HOW COULD THEY TREAT THIS MAN LIKE A CRIMINAL AND LIE ABOUT WHAT THEY WERE DOING?!?!?!?

Yet, Attorney General Holder is perfectly ok with this speech:

The New Black Panthers calling for war and spilling of blood! Where the hell is AG Holder?!?!?!?!? This speech is ok because it is war on the white man! But, say anything that is dissent against the USeless Federal Govt then you are going to get "treatment" so that you can be "readjusted." That filthy black sack of shiite in the White House will see to it that you are reprogrammed to keep you safe.

The Bill of Rights is suspended by the tyranny!

I pray to the one most high, in the words of the Christians:

“Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

I pray that his soul be forever condemned to walk in the dry lands of darkness, where there is no water to quench his thirst, no one to commune with. Let loneliness be his, set apart from his ancestors. And may the fruit of his offspring become bitter, shriveled, and not propagate, that his seed may no longer infect this planet with his vile nature.

I pray that his minions will find no refuge, no place to hide. I pray that they may never rest, forever running from the rewards of their evil.