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Thursday, August 23, 2012

MORE support for Brandon!

And this from one of my favorite group, Oath Keepers!

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of the reservation said...

There appears to be some good news in this case:

Mr. Raub was finally released after being "in the system" for almost a week. A week in a system that uses drugs to incarcerate the mind. A week without having ever been charged with any sort of crime. A week at the whimsical hands of a tyrannical state that grows stronger every day, that increases its abuses every day.

All those officers that participated in the (non)INCARCERATION of this veteran were just following orders. Just like the NAZI death camps, people in uniforms were just following orders. These so-called law enforcement officers, did they not take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution?!?!?!? Every officer that took part in this travesty of liberty SHOULD BE FIRED!!!! The fact that they have no shame and continue serve in their capacity is utterly NAUSEATING! What sort of rancid filth could do something so low, so disgusting, so vile as to take a man and lock him up without asking themselves for one minute, "what crime did this veteran commit?!?!?!?"

I know people like this. They are so full of their pride and ego that they cannot see anything wrong with what they did. These men that wronged this veteran are hard-core sociopaths. They will not even think to apologize for what they did.

This should not end. Those "people" that did this to this man should all be sued into oblivion. I hold out no hope for the criminal system to prevail as these monsters are protected. However, I hope that in some way a law suit can be brought upon them to force them out of carrying a badge, wearing a uniform, and (ESPECIALLY) carrying a gun.