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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bank makes money on citizens booked into jail!!!

Get picked up for minor (or major) run in with the cops.  Get bailed out and turn to collect your belongings you had with you when you came in, well guess what?  You don't get your cash, you get a fee laden DEBIT CARD!!!

Please spread this story.


Mother Jones said...

You're all a bunch of nut jobs. Did you ever consider that maybe the jail can't afford to be a bank? If you open a small account with any bank they charge fees. You republicans can thank you're greedy rich CEO's for that! Banks give them all the comps for being in "the club." Welcome to the real world where working people get charged banking fees for their accounts.

I've got a towel. Go cry in that.

shuttindown said...

Hey - I got me a towel ain't for crying though - it's fer "the wet spot" on Luella Sue's side of our air mattress. LuLu honeypie, it be time fer yer daddy to check yer erl with his dipstick. Now woman- don't be makin them eyes ere I'll be hogtyin ya agin!

Auntie Em said...

OMG I can't believe you are trying to justify that MJ!!!! LOL, pathetic.

Hey moron, it's libertarian here, not republican, can't you read?

Yeah republicans and you dems that voted for the bank bailouts love that idea of the banks (campaign contributors) making money off the backs of detainees.

Mother Jones said...

You lips say libertarian, honey, but you're all republican.

Anonymous said...

Hey liberal, it will all burn. Even if you wet your pants, they will still take everything you have.

Auntie Em said...

Well "honey" you don't know me very well at all. No repub here.

Mother Jones said...

You'll never wake up from your dream world. Ok, you're running interference for the repubs but you don't call yourselves repubs. Ok, dreaming and keeping yourselves in the dark.

Your little pet brought one of the his home movies. How adorable! Does he fetch also?

This is reality.

While you're making up little home movies of something in your paranoid fantasy world, children are being massacred. You run your interference for the repubs and the NRA while innocent people die.

Mother Jones said...

And by the way, had there been addresses associated with those pictures on the Crickett site we would have been called child protective services. All those children are exposed to dangerous circumstances and should be removed from the lethal environments.

Auntie Em said...

You are dragging this discussion BACK into the gun control arena? This is about abuse of liberty moron.

But ok, let's talk about child deaths. FOR THE RECORD, the statistics say there were 138 firearm deaths in 2007, which is DOWN from 174 in 2000. Motor vehicle deaths was 6683, why aren't you trying to ban cars? That is UP from 2000 which was 6466.

And that stupid link you posted was not "marketing" but looked like a bunch of facebook posts. You have no idea if those weapons were loaded so the kids were in no danger.

The biggest danger to children? Morons like you in our schools.

Auntie Em said...

There's your link for my data btw:

Mother Jones said...

Vehicles have a productive purpose. Guns only kill people and are meant for nothing more than killing people.

You can have your liberty. Nobody has a right to something that only serves to kill people.

Auntie Em said...

We can have anything we want, THAT is liberty. And that specific liberty is in the constitution just like freedom of speech. Guns have the purpose of protection. You can't depend on cops to protect you, then can only investigate after the fact.

Spin again.

of the reservation said...

Auntie Em,

There is nothing that we can do. I am watching liberals in Austin become more and more detached from reality. More journalists are starting to actually report the truth about the scum bag in the the White House and the liberals drink harder and party longer to ignore it.

Jones has a gun fetish. No big surprise here. It is the magnitude of the accusation that matters to the liberal. Find someone who has a child pictured with a firearm and the charges are child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, minor in possession, and on and on. Does it matter that the charges are even remotely true? Never. It only matters that the prosecutor can stack the deck with horrific charges and make his quota.

The guy that made a joke of a video called "Innocence of Muslims" is in jail because of the magnitude of the charges against him. He was accused of creating a video that made Muslims riot against the embassy in Benghazi. Horrific charges and no trial. A US citizen used by our president as a scape goat is slammed into a prison cell and left to rot because of the horrific charges brought against him by the filthy sack of shiite pig in the White House.

All you sanctimonious liberals screech with your vile shrill voices about Guantanamo and yet you turn a blind eye. No surprise here.

Rocky is guilty of pissing off a uniformed super citizen. In order to make a point and increase the probability of getting a conviction, a stack of horrific charges are stacked up against him. The prosecutor will approach the judge with the long list and proclaim that an innocent mundane could never have a list of charges like this if he was innocent.

We no longer have liberty. It is gone. There is no justice. There are judges trying to boost their numbers by having gang courtrooms full of mundanes pleading guilty. Why would they plead guilty? Because they would be financially ruined by drawn out court costs. Continuance after continuance is the procedure for today. Large bails because of long lists of horrific charges. A speedy trial does not happen anymore, unless you plead guilty so you can "put this behind you."

Every day I pray that you and all your liberal friends will be taken by your Muslim terrorist friends and given the same treatment that Lara Logan got in Egypt, for every day of the rest of your lives. At the hand of muslim terrorists, the people that you support and demonstrate for, I pray blow up all your children.

of the reservation said...

Mother Jones,

I pray every day the Christian prayer of Psalms 109:8 for your liberal leader. I pray that he be impeached and found guilty in the Senate. Only then can we have a chance to begin to unwind the treason and dereliction of duty of that pig shiite.

You have no problem at all with Obama giving guns away to Mexican cartels to be used against Mexican civilians. In fact, MFer Jones, you support this since it drives more Mexicans north into the US.

Remember my prayer for you, MF. As with Lara Logan, I hope you receive as much, everyday of your life. Grab your ankles and embrace your Muslim terrorist friends.

of the reservation said...

MFer Jones,

While we are on the topic of liberty...

We now have a military where it is ok to be openly Muslim, recruit other Muslims to jihad and kill 30 or 40 military. Then the filthy piece of shiite in the White House calls it work place violence.

We can have openly gay soldiers in the military that can ask out other gay soldiers in the military on a date; but, anyone says anything about Christianity gets a court martial.

The war is coming you piss-ant. And here is something for you to wet your pants about. On one side, the towel heads you so fantasize about their jihad are ready to go Lara Logan all over your lilly white arse. On the other side you have people like me, painting a set of cross-hairs on your parietal lobe just itching to squeeze the trigger and let loose a 270 Win or a 308. In your case, I would bet that guy will get the Muslim lobbing your head off with a saif, just for grins.

As for me, matters not if I die. We all just regroup in Hell and show you what a bunch of wussies Muslims can be.

Mother Jones said...

You'll all regroup in prison is more like it. What a sick bunch of whackos. Don't worry, your words are documented. The FBI just enjoys nut cases like you.

Ooooooo scary man! Angry old racist white man with an arsenal of guns in his bed room is more like it. There is no room for you in the new world created by President Obama.

Anonymous said...

MJ - you will burn. it will all burn!

shuttindown said...

"There is no room for you in the new world created by President Obama."

Ma, I don't mind when you wring your hands and tremble at the words of the "bad people"............, but that statement is just plain creepy.

Auntie Em said...

SD, you are so right, they ARE creepy.

They know what is best for you and damn it, you WILL submit!!!

Forget about making decisions for yourself and forget about them doing what they think is right for themselves and leaving us alone!


of the reservation said...


Bursting bubble here. ObamaHellScare. You already are submitting.

Europe is on its way to becoming federalized, now that the socialists have almost completely destroyed their currencies. Obama is leading that fight over here, with Boehner's help.

The only choice you have left is resist or comply.

of the reservation said...

This country is no longer about liberty. Many years ago, the medical care our tribe was to receive under treaty was abolished, singled-handidly, by the USeless Effing Govt. Today, my HDHP is no longer valid and now shopping for health insurance that is astronomically high. The filthy monarch requires me to pay for sex drugs and sex procedures. Why would I ever want an add-a-dick-to-me? The real disease is festering in the White House.

We cannot move about the country freely. The USeless Effing Govt grabs our balls if we want to travel and can detain us without warrant for undetermined amounts of time because our name appears on a list. We have no recourse to challenge the list or know the circumstances or accusers putting us on that list. Some secret society allows us to submit a request and we have no right to know what happes after that. All in the name of "Public Safety."

Many people were maimed in Benghazi by MUSLIM terrorists. Four men died because of MUSLIM extremism. That filthy black excrement in the White House denied it all because he never wanted there to be the hint of "terrorism" during his administration. Same with MAJ Hassan and all those good people that died. Liberals changed the narrative, changed the language. People still die from the attrocities of Muslim extremism while liberals drink and party more.

Our Joint Chiefs of Staff stood by while good men died in Benghazi. Now they hide and cower behind the skirts of liberal journalists. Those cowards in uniform bankrupt of ethics, morals, and courage. Like Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz, these men parade around with inflated egos about their performance, while they sat by and let people die.

More and more Christians are persecuted because they are not Muslim. They are driven by the millions by average Muslims from their homes and killed if they do not forfeit their property to leave. Islam is not the religion of war, domination, rape, and everything foul.

There is no liberty. Only what the liberal class allows us to have. The Constitution has been eviscerated. Our liberties and rights are gone. Used to be, the government asked permission. Today, we beg for our rights while the pig bass turd in the White House issues EO after EO taking everything he wants, unchecked because cowards in the legislature and judiciary dare not confront him.

I am sick of this country. If you liberals want me then come and get me.

of the reservation said...

How can there ever be liberty when we are saddled with this:

In the previous post I meant to say: "Islam is the religion of war, domination, rape, and everything foul."

I do not expect any credible response from the liberal that spreads their crap on this page.

Anonymous said...

Hey OTR,

One day the libs will wake from a nasty hangover to a world on fire all around them. Then they'll burn. It will all burn.

Mother Jones said...

I've never seen such a collection of crazy lunatics! I get hangovers? Really? Your little pet should stick with the water bowl. You know nothing about fine wines and how to drink them. The headaches come from sulfur (cheap wine) and dehydration.

Or maybe you just sit around all day in your underwear drinking beer and watching reruns of Mr. Ed!

And that angry old white guy, he's get a lot of anger issues. Do yourselves a favor and delete his garbage. Benghazi was a demonstration gone bad. Bush made them hate us. You shouldn't be surprised that they would get angry with us. And besides, how many more hearings do your Republicans need to have? I mean, come on! They've been buried for 8 months and we have too many relevant issues that need to be worked on.

Mother Patriot Jones said...

In fact, you can do the country a big favor. All of you hate this country so much, why not leave! Faux News did a nice little piece on people renouncing their citizenship.

I'm really proud of myself. Now this is a source that only crazy people like you could believe in.

Auntie Em said...

You mean like all the liberals that said they were going to leave if Bush won? And then didn't?

And only you would equate loving government with loving our country.

You are NOT a patriot if that is what you think.

I hate our government. I love our country.

Mother Jones said...

That's too bad you hate the government. You should consider all of the things that our government does to protect and provide for everyone. Unfortunately, there are those in the Congress that waste everybody's time on things not involving the economy or jobs.

I looked at your Faux News site and noticed that despite the best efforts of your loser republicans to blame Benghazi on Obama, his approval rating hasn't changed. In fact, I think it edged up. Those poor boys died and that's horrible. We need to move on. Obama is working hard to get an economy back on the rails while all of you waste our time on a witch trial. Come 2014, we will prevail!

Mother Jones said...

End of the week and the people are speaking! According to your Faux News, President Obama's approval rating has gone up! A week of testimony about the Benghazi event has passed and the people are more disgusted with your republicans.

You will learn your lesson in 2014 when we take over both chambers. Then we can do what needs to be done to get the country back to prosperity!

of the reservation said...

Given the amount of moochers living off of social security disability benefits and all forms of Federal welfare, the numbers make perfect sense. The bass turd Obama is fighting to give away more free ice cream and these nasty mean hearings are getting in the way.

Conundrums, conundrums. Do you spend your day getting more free ice cream or getting more sex? Or, maybe MJ is a single mother with a 15-year-old girl, Out showing her daughter the ropes of safe sex. Maybe something went wrong? Well, not a problem. Just check into those freebees and get your knocked up daughter all fixed up:

Well, I was able to find a pretty-upped version of that abortion doctor's trial for you in, oh my, The Huffington Post! You would not want to bludgeon the tender sensibilities of your daughter with details like:

You libs are such a civilized group. Never dive into details about death. I know, move on. That is it, MJ. Move on because you might have to actually consider the consequences of all of this. What does it matter! Right? Look up to your hero, Shrillary Clinton!

Auntie Em said...

Take over both chambers? Really?!!!

Even Politico has problems with that pipe dream:

"Party In Decline"

"Democratic Party favorability rating has dropped 15 points took power".

Note the use of "took power" instead of took office. THAT is your party's problem, you think of it as power and ruling instead of serving the people. And the Repubs are not any better at that.

It's so pathetic how they both just want to rule and fight wars and tell the world how to live.

And you support that. Sad.

Auntie Em said...

Funny how you keep talking about Benghazi when that has not been a subject for discussion here.

Deflection much?

All it proves is Obama could be videoed having sex with a goat and you people wouldn't care.

And we all know how groups skew the unscientific polls like Fox and ABC by getting the word out to their followers to make sure they go online to make the poll come out the way they want.

Mother Jones said...

What's wrong OTR? Don't you have any little kids you can threaten and bully around? Angry old white guys like you have no business being out of your padded cell with delusions of being an old indian chief.

Take your meds. Go bully someone your own size until the FBI agents come for you.

Anonymous said...

Mutha Effing Jonez: wrong TLA. You meant IRS not FBI. More people fear the IRS than the FBI.

shuttindown said...

Sulfur? Oh Ma, wine contains sulFITES. You make it sound so hellish, you noveau-riche fraud.......I bet - I FUCKIN BET - YOU WON'T touch a morsel of ripe Brie or Camembert or Leiderkranz unless it's encrusted with candied almonds or some other faggot sprinkles - and dollars to doughnuts you're sipping on a chilled white dessert wine while eating that shit - to add insult to injury.

Mother Jones said...

Someone let the neanderthal out of his cage again.

Sulfites are only one part of the equation.

free SO2: molecular SO2 + bisulfites + sulfites
bound SO2: sulfites attached to either sugars, acetaldehyde or phenolic compounds

total SO2 = free SO2 + bound SO2

In reality, the amount of sulfites in the wine is very VERY low. The bisulfites make up most of the free "SO2". And this is a result of the SO2 added to the wine to begin with. Those of us who work in the high end wine business refer to all of this simply as "SULFUR".

For those of you busy reading the back of those $4.00 per gallon bottled wines, I can understand your confusion. Quite frankly you should stick with something more in line with your Republican status, Coors or Budwiser. So, get back in your beat up truck with those deer antlers in the back and go back home before you start downing all your, ahem, "suds" and eat your "mac-n-cheese".

shuttindown said...

There's nothing wrong with a wide culinary range Ma. I can sit down and enjoy a wonderful blood boudin, or head cheese in a garlic vinaigrette,.....but then again a couple of chili dogs from the Weinerschnitzel down the street is awesome from time to time too.
By the way, the best mac 'n cheese is Kraft.
So why don't you loosen that bun, take off those ugly-ass glasses and put in some contacts, crack a beer and boil up a box. Your sophisticated friends will sneer and chide and get back in their Prius or Geos - just ignore them a live a little.

Mother Jones said...

I might have been wrong about your group. You're a bunch of angry, sexually frustrated, old white men.

Shuttindown, does your name suggest you can't rise to the occasion? Under President Obama's plan, you should be able to get Viagra. There might even be a mental health plan to help you adjust to society and find that special man or woman for you.

Auntie Em said...

Awwwww he thinks he's being cute!

Again, deflection. Can't deal with the actual subject matter.