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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Mr. President

We were asked to "give you a chance". I wrote to you in an earlier email (that I am certain your staff did not give you to read) that we would try to give you that chance, but wanted you to keep one thing in mind. "Trust but verify."

You promised this would be a Bi-Partisan attempt to stimulate our economy and bring us out of this recession. Even though many experts such as the Congressional Budget Office, Cato Institutes board of 200 economists, Heritage Foundation and many more, stated that the bill would not help and might just hurt, you decided to go ahead with it.

You also promised we would be given a chance to read it before you signed it.

Well, so much for bi-partisan. The Republicans and Independents were not included in the original drafting of this bill. Then when the House version and the Senate version needed to be consolidated, they were again, left out. "Locked out" was the term the media used. This was not a bi-partisan effort at all. In fact the House and Senate leaders really expected the Republicans/Independents to approve something on blind faith! They never had a chance to read it! Who knew if they would like it or dislike it? If they had been involved, if they had been given a chance to read it, a whole different outcome could have been reached. Being bi-partisan if not blindly signing something that you don't know what it is. You a lawyer should know this. Their constituents would have been very upset if they had and after all, they work for us, not you.

And it doesn't matter what Bush did in the past, what the Republicans did in the past or what the Democrats did in the past. What matters is now.

And there is no way we the public can read over 1000 pages in such a short time. There should at least have been a summary of items.

I'm sure it's too late now and I'm sure you won't read this. Just remember, a large portion of the population are conservative. We don't like spending money. We don't like forced charity. And we are tired of the same old Washington crap that this bill represents. It does not generate any immediate good. Just long term debt that my son and your daughters will have to pay.


Joyce Maurer


Geri said...

Very well written!

Auntie Em said...

I need to edit it to ask if he has plans to read it before signing.