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Monday, February 9, 2009

Where will the money come from?

More than likely, the cowards will pass this $837,000,000,000 package. So what then? There isn't any money in the account to write out checks. We have to borrow it! Which will add another $300,000,000,000 in interest by the way.

Who has that kind of money to loan us? Not our own banks that's for sure. Most of our money has been coming from China and a few other places, but mostly China. That means they own paper on - --- THE USA!!!! I can't stand that thought can you?

Oh but here's the kicker. With the economy slowing down so much and buyers holding onto their money, there have been lots fewer "Made In China" products being purchased. China is starting to feel the pinch too. So now they are thinking we are no longer good for the money.

What's left? Just print it! That's right, crank up those old Treasury machines and print away!!!!

Who cares if it results in double digit inflation.......


Geri said...

Where will the money come from? You silly silly girl!
Why, it will come from you - the taxpayer - of course. And your children and grandchildren.
But don't worry, if you have trouble paying your portion of the taxes soon to be created to pay off this new debt, just apply for some bail out money - I am sure they (the gov) would approve for you to have some if you are in financial crisis.

Auntie Em said...

Ahhh but they have to borrow it first before we the taxpayers can pay it all in! They have to have the money now, not wait till everyone has filed their taxes. THEN we get the "pleasure" of paying and paying and paying....