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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Running Total

I'm going to put this in my header so it'll be right in front of ya when ever you visit.

$350 billion Spring of 2008 Bush's little stimulus porky

$700 billion Fall 2008/Spring 2009 Auto/Financial bailout

$25 billion SCHIP - up to WHAT age??? And illegal aliens too???

$787 billion Spring 2009 Obama's Porkulus I (yes that is a Roman Numeral one cause there is a II coming)

$40 billion (or is it 50) Cram down - help pay for mortgages in mostly 5 states when we all pay our bills just fine.... I say let them rent.

$1 TRILLION Geitner's financial rescue plan that he won't announce any details of, just enough to keep the market nervous - bet ya thought the mortgage bailout was included HA!! And some estimates say up to $2 TRILLION, but I'm gonna low ball it here, just cause I am getting a headache.

$420 billion Obama's Porkulus II - there it is! Just announced. Although I'm sure that amount will go up.

I think I'm missing something....

Oh yeah, the $3.6 TRILLION budget itself! As if all the above wasn't enough.

hmmm what does that total? Oh yeah, $6.922 TRILLION. Change I can believe in may come from pan handling....

***note, have added the budget and updated the total ***


Jen said...

Yes - AND he's going to trim the deficit in half in four years. Ummmmmmm - yeah, sure - whatever! BTW - Exactly what jobs are being created???

Auntie Em said...

Goooood question!!! LOL

Another item (no not more), Obama talks about how Bush never included the Iraq money when talking about his budget, is Obama going to include this $3.32 trillion in his????? Of course he can have a small budget, it's all been spent UP FRONT!

whew, blood pressure back down, think happy thoughts.... Oh Ronnie we miss you so......