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Saturday, February 7, 2009

State Sovereignty

These are amazing links. Basically they are reminding President Obama and Congress of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution regarding states rights. Now, a lot of this has come about because of the disagreement on abortion rights. I'm still on the fence on that specific issue myself. Not for religious reasons obviously, but I think if a woman has rights in regards to her body, doesn't the child have rights?

I know, that probably shocks some of you. But back to these bills, abortion is not the only issue at stake here.

Very interesting, please read and hopefully I'll have more later.

State of Washington:

New Hampshire:



Michigan really surprised me!


I had a link for Hawaii but theirs is really confusing and is too tied into secession to be considered part of this discussion. Subject for another time maybe.

More research and I'll be back!

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Anonymous said...

Add us Okies-we passed the House on the 18th!