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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Salary Caps or Wealth Envy????

Perfect example of why salary caps are a bad idea.

Picked this up from another board:
Goodby job.
I am so screwed.

I work for one of America's best companies.

The owner... well, his grandfather lived on nearly nothing to get this company started. Drove a trashy car, slept on a cot in his rented warehouse and didn't get married until he was in his thirties because every extra dollar he had went into his business. His father left school as a teenager to hump freight in that same warehouse, on to driving a truck... didn't take over the company and start making decent money until he was in his fifties.

My boss, the current owner, followed the same path and just took over the company, also in his fifties. Now he earns- yes EARNS less than a thousand dollars a year for each employee he has.

Lately he has taken on contracts that don't even break even, just to keep us employed. We know he takes good care of us, and in turn, we take damned good care of him, his company, and his- yes, HIS jobs that we fill.

We already face way too many government controls, government restrictions, and taxes. Now Barack and his cronies want to tell him that he can't make more than $500,000 a year? He'll shut down, take his investments, and retire. He already has an ulcer, and spends much more time in the company of unpleasant government employees than with his own family.

Over 1000 of us will lose good jobs.

The companies which supply us will lose our good contracts, and have to lay off employees. But hey, the unemployed will get an extra $25.00 a week (before taxes). Yippee! Trickle down poverty!My boss, like Barack, believes in sharing the wealth.He just believes in sharing it with the people who earn it, his employees.

Oh, God... I am soooo... screwed.

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