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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


How much more of these people can we endure?

Have you seen the videos? You can get them all plus more at the newest brainchild of Andrew Breitbart. The heroes listed below are also contributors on Big Government, you can read their reports in detail on that site. Great stories, they are people to watch in the future.

Washington DC, Baltimore, Queens and San Bernadino, CA. All these offices were caught ON FILM talking to a team of investigative journalists posing as a prostitute and a pimp. They discussed their "business", how there were trying to get a house to operate their "business" and the problems they were running into with the authorities, banks and asking questions about the best way to handle their taxes.

AND just for kicks, they also mentioned the pending arrival of underage illegal aliens from San Salvador. As sex slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our intrepid little duo (Hannah and James are their real names) received a ton of advice, from lying on tax forms to how to handle the San Salvadoran girls "cause you don't want to educate them too much". Sounds just like how they keep minorities under the Democratic thumb in the inner cities.

There are MORE videos to come!!!!! The Census bureau has found their brain and decided "um maybe it's not such a good idea to have them do the census work next year". YA THINK????

So ACORN has lost the Census contract. There are bills up for vote to revoke their funding from the Stimulus bill and other monetary slot machines. Up till now, taxpayers have invested $53 million for these people to "help" poor people. They WERE slotted to received another $8.6 BILLION (yes folks that's with a b). Incredible huh? Do we not vet our recipients? Guess not, we sure don't vet anyone else in Washington.

Okay, it's going to get more interesting (you're kidding?). ACORN is only one piece of a larger group. I have previously written about ACORN, SEIU and CCI. Well CCI is the parent company of them and about 168 other little entities, mostly dealing with health care workers.

When California was trying to resolve it's budget issues, they had negotiated with the states health care workers, mostly home health care. They agreed to take a temporary cut in hours and pay rates. Every thing is fine.

SEIU steps in and say NO WAY!!!!!! Deal to save several billion dollars is blown. Well we know where California is now!

Bret Jacobsen, also of Big Government, reports:

Jaime Enrique Feliciano, who served as president of Service Employees International Union Local 1000 representing thousands of Sacramento-area state workers, had previous convictions for child molestation and failure to register as a sex offender

What brainiac thought it was a good idea to have a sex offender in a business that has access to home bound sick people, some of whom are CHILDREN!!! Again, no one checking people out BEFORE putting them in sensitive positions.

So here's what I really love about all this ACORN business. Breitbart has been talking about this. They took the videos to Fox cause like Andrew says:

Maybe James thinks, like I do, that baby boomer elites like Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams could care less. Their generational zeitgeist – and the knowledge that their kids are personally immune from monster deficits – is all that matters. And they look the other way while believing all organizations on the left – no matter how extreme – are working towards their goals.

Sure enough, even after five days of exposure on Glenn Beck, lots of coverage on other Fox segments, the "formerly known as main stream" fringe media (had to borrow that from Beck) STILL had not covered any of this story. Sex, corruption, conspiracy, how could they NOT be interested?

Now they seem to be stumbling over each other to report on these episodes. James, the photographer, has denied an interview with CNN. Good for him! They don't deserve you James.

And online reports? Look they've gone nuts:

ACORN's head office has called for a full Investigation and has suspended regular business. I say that's NOT enough, what if they have already assisted real criminal endeavors? How many drug and sex businesses are currently operating in taxpayer provided housing?

Full Investigation Bertha Lewis. FULL.


butt neckid said...

wellll..... like the first guy out the door of a perfectly good airplane said......GERONAMOOOOOOOOOO

ACORN is run, has been run, by and for ho's and wannbe ho's, osamabama was a towel boy in the ho house.....and he lent a "hand" when it was needed....proof? I don't need no stinking proof.

your tax bucks are going down the crapper into the cesspool that spawned the thugs from chicago....the presidunce, his hand maiden rham, and the rest of the punk the way aren't they a "color-full" group...oh damn does that have racial over tones??? YEP!

the osamabama ad-menistration has turned a butt load of us into racist brown shirt wearin' nazi red neck(sorry ya'll)riotin' sumbitches...oh forgot gun totin' bible huggin' god freaks...

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she didn't kno' what her sweetie harry was gunna do 'bout acorn.....CRAP INNA HAT....liar liar pants....(does she wear panties)...on FIRE!!!!

if the atty gen knew how to spel RICO maybe the acorn problem would be resolved and osamabama would be flushed down into the cesspool he came from.....phew my fingers is tired.....say gooo night gracie.....

11 of 6 o' sumpin(butt neckids girfren)(really butt neckid but shhhhh) said...

wow butt go ahead and tell us how you really feel.......

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

LOL!!!! Yeah JC, spill it...