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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Em's Town Hall Discussion #2 - Co-op Plan

This ought to be very short. And unfortunately, uninformative, as I have yet to find any real details. They are being very closed mouthed about what is in this plan draft and will not be rushed. Well the not being rushed is refreshing coming from Washington, but I'm afraid it's just a smoke screen.

Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute, talked about the co-op plan on Glenn Beck. What was interesting was his description of the "management" of a co-op. It is run by the members. Well on day one, there are no members yet. SO the government will step in to run it. I think we all know, that once government sticks their nose in, it's hard to get it out.

Cato Article

Senator Kent Conrad was speaking on behalf of the "Gang of Six" assigned to come up with a non-partisan option for health care, hence the Co-op option. But no details?!!

So our discussion could only be: how do you think this would work?

Personally I think it's a back door effort of government control. Or more likely, a smoke screen to keep us focusing on too many items to get a clear picture.

As the Judge says: what say you?

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