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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Health Care Plan back door to Single Pay System

Barney Frank has pretty much admitted this. There is a group called Single Payer Action advocating for single payer health care, socialized health care. They are so obsessed they are attacking anyone they see as compromising for a combination of private and public options. They stopped Barney Frank thinking they were exposing him as being against single payer. Well they got a surprise! He is all for single payer but knows it would never pass as such.

Remember the socialist manifesto: we will feed socialism to America little bite by bite until they wake up one day to realize they are a communist nation. Paraphrased but I believe Stalin said that.

Once in place, this health care plan locks you in. Even if you are in a private plan, you can not make any changes to it without being kicked into the public plan. If you are in an employer plan and change jobs, if your plan is not mobile, you will lose the private option and again, be kicked into the government plan. After age 67 you will be forced into medicare/government plan.

Eventually we will ALL be in the government plan whether we want to or not! Little bites at a time.

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