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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I Want Your Money" Trailer


butt broke neckid said...

they already got all my money!!!!

off the reservation said...

Butt, you and me both. Now it is a matter of when they show up to take it. We are no longer a nation of free people.

Obama does not answer to anyone. There is no check on his power any more. Obama takes what he wants when he wants. It is not just money. Obama steals people's lives. In the Gulf, Obama put 150,000 people out of work. In the Gulf, Obama cut off 30% of our oil production.

And now, right in lock-goose step with the history of the Weimar Republic, we have the government debt being monetized by the all-powerful, secretive, and unchecked central bank. As tax revenue will continue to decline, even with Obama letting the rates increase next year, Obama will create more government revenue from Herr Geitner's printing presses. In the end, the Weimar Republic collapsed under its voluminous paper, as 1% of its tax revenue was actual tax receipts and 99% was printing press cash.

Hyper-inflation here we come!

off the reservation said...

Keep an eye on:

Also, went to:
(origin of the trailer!)

Pretty good cartoons there. Do not know whether to laugh or let my head explode.