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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Rally Pictures

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Rally". Quite an event, I wonder how the left will spin this crowd.

I'm not religious but I caught the end of it on facebook where it was streamed live. Very emotional and you couldn't help but feel proud of America.


off the reservation said...

I read the CNN articles. To read CNN's take, this was a political rally that threatens all Democrats.

Quite frankly, I never heard mention of a politician's name except when Palin mentioned McCain's name in regard to a shared POW experience with another veteran. It was not political. And then, McCain's name did not seem to gather much excitement.

The other take from CNN was that Beck is reborn as an evangelist pissing off the Southern Baptists because he is seen as a Mormon displacing Billy Graham.

CBS and ABC are not much better.

Then there is the battle of the rally numbers. CBS tried to come off all scientific and everything by hiring some consulting firms to do 3D and 2D analysis. I say it was mostly anal more than anything. They claim that it could not possibly be any better than about 85,000.

Then the NY Times comes in with their numbers somewhere between 350,000 and 500,000. Looks like Fox did not cover it much.

Nothing new here. Liberals are doing everything they can to destroy and cover up the message. They hardly made any mention the drive to raise money for soldiers and how much money was raised or where to go to donate.

Personally, the only time I want to see raising and liberals in the same sentence is when it comes to bonfires. I will never be a member of the Tea Party and that is fine. You Tea Party folks can sit on the side lines while I take out the liberals. MORE FOR ME!!!!

butt nottrashy neckid said...

check item #6 about state of MALL after group dispersed...

off the reservation said...

Not surprising in the least.

People who look to the government for their salvation: trash everything

People who work hard and rely on individual responsibility: make things better than when they found it

That mall is cleaner now than when those people showed up for Beck.

The "Earth First" and "Sierra Club" types have nothing to do with the environment. Another ruse for liberal/socialism takeover.

I have been thinking on a lot of the media reporting of this event. For so long, the liberal/socialist has tried to hijack religion. Now when there is a religious event it just looks more like politics to a liberal.

off the reservation said...

...and finally, this little thought for the evening...

Obama took some time out today (Sunday) to answer some questions from his minions in the main stream media.

Question about the polls on his religion. Obama responded that he cannot understand why so many people think that he would be Muslim and not Christian. His response was that he did not wear his birth certificate on his forehead. Apparently, he was trying to make the assertion that only those nasty "birthers" would question his religion.

Well, let us review:

Did Obama cancel the National Day of Prayer?

Did Obama drag his feet on joining a church (missed a promised target of Easter)?

Did Obama set out the National Christmas tree decked with all sorts of "ornaments" reflecting his Socialist/Communist heroes?

Did Obama cancel most of the faith-based support except for continuing to allow his Imam friend from New York to go to the Middle East and trash our country (yes, the guy went during Bush but Bush had other faith-based work support)?

Has Obama come out repeatedly supporting Islam and attributing accomplishments to Islam that Islam did not create?

Funny thing about religion. If Obama turns his back on his own religion, I am willing to bet people will not care how much he opens his mouth and says different. When Obama openly embraces a religion repeatedly, I am willing to bet people will believe that is Obama's religion despite his protestations to the contrary.

Shakespeare said...

Obama doth protest too much, methinks.