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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Citizen Stands Up For His Fourth Amendment Rights!

As reported by Operation Rolling Thunder Spotline:


Local Augusta activist James (Rocky) Eades was arrested yesterday morning, (4/26) when he avoided a police checkpoint on Alexander Drive.

When pulled Eades was approached by a uniformed officer, who asked him to roll down his window. When he only rolled the window down half way the officer insisted that the window be rolled down further.

Eades: "I don't really feel comfortable doing that"
Officer: "Ok, step out of the vehicle"
Eades: "Am I being detained?"
Officer: "I am only stopping you safety reasons"
Eades: "Am I being detained?"

{Eades and his passenger put their hands on the dash to indicate they had no ill intentions}

Eades: "Safety for whom?"
Officer: "......Why did you dodge our block?"
Eades: "Blue lights are a universal sign for disress ahead and your block could've just as well been a wreck at a 3 way intersection"

The officer did not respond but Eades and his passenger soon found themselves surrounded by eight more officers, all flashing their flashlights in the windows of the vehicle also demanding that they get out of the car. Eades looks at his passenger and tells him to go ahead and comply, but to lock the door behind him. An officer tried to jump in the car upon his exit but the passenger quickly reached around the deputy, closed, and locked the door.

The passenger then found himself verbally contending with 4 officers and Eades was pulled from the truck by force, handcuffed, shouting that he did not want the vehicle searched. An officer searched it right away. The passenger volunteered a BAC in exchange to be able to take Eades' vehicle home instead of the alterative of it being impounded. The officers agreed to the offer.

Eades was detained on a $1300 bond for mist obstruction of law enforcement officer.

Officer: "Is your friend always this hard headed?"
Passenger: [Smiles] "yes"

Rocky Eades is an active member of this page and has physically tracked down blocks for ORTS.

Rocky is a friend of mine and we work together in the CSRA libertarian group.  There were no drugs involved, no alcohol involved, no guns involved! So don't want to hear any "if he didn't have anything to hide" crap! You do not have to submit to having your rights violated just because you have nothing to hide. Even if you had nothing to hide and said sure go ahead and search, you just might get that one crooked cop who will plant something. By giving them the ability to search, you open yourself up to that possibility. Protect your rights or you will lose them when you need them the most.

Our group will be supporting him through this and I'll keep you updated. 


Auntie Em said...

Update: Rocky has been invited on WGAC Austin Rhodes show to discuss. Will let you know when.

Mother Jones said...

More stupid people giving stupid advice. He got what he asked for. He's lucky he didn't wind up getting the taser.

Why don't you stop trying to make their job more difficult and think about the safety of the others around you when you do stupid stuff like this. Maybe you should think about how many drunks they are pulling off the roads and saving lives. You're all too egotistical and full of your own pride to think about others.

Auntie Em said...

Oh sure you talk that way when it's one of us, but scream "fascist pigs" when it's one of you!


They can do their jobs without abusing our rights. Or is that too hard for you to fathom?