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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Real Tragedy of Boston

A point brought to my attention by a fb friend.

Boston was the initial site of our Revolution and stand for freedom. Now with citizens locked in for 24 hours, being stopped if they were out, searched without a warrant, questioned, in a few cases made to lie on the ground hands behind them and legs crossed, houses searched again without a warrant, armed men looking in your windows, a suspect captured and will NOT be read his Miranda rights, and to add insult to injury used as an excuse for Congress to pass CISPA severely limiting our privacy and rights.....

Sorry Boston but your legacy has severely been altered for all time.


of the reservation said...

For a moment I thought that I was going to have a full-on rant, but this guy beat me to it:

Note several things.

FBI knew about these characters.

They could have been deported due to their domestic violence issues.

FBI lies. FBI lies to people. FBI lies about what you say.

Those clowns know nothing about blending in.

Those clown know how to make Boston look like downtown Baghdad.

Our 4th amendment rights are gone.

Once again, the tyrants use a crisis to illegally confiscate our firearms.

Anonymous said...

It will all burn....

Mother Reality Jones said...

That's all you whine about, your firearms. You and your black helicopters aren't enough? No matter how many guns you own you'll always be paranoid and ignorant.

Get a life people!

shuttindown said...

Here ma, this guys lives on your side of the tracks, but unlike the other 99.9% does not have his head up his ass.
Among his many points, he finds bill maher's comment that "the 2nd amendment is bullshit" along with the audiences' cheers to be - chilling.
So,.......hard to believe, but a very sensible argument from the left. Read what is surely one of the best essays yet on the topic of gun control

shuttindown said...

BTW - I cannot take credit for the link. My 22 year old son, self employed, already a homeowner, who may or may not own firearms himself (there was that boating accident last year, ya know?), sent it to me and I thought it was worth passing along.

Auntie Em said...

"Get a life" one of those catch phrases when one can't think of any logical rebuttal.

Guess what? It is not up to you to decide how many guns is too many.

Mother Jones said...

Public safety is an overriding concern. Of course, all you gun worshiping bible thumpers think your side is all about absolutes. Fortunate for me, the rest of the reasonable people in this country see the need to allow government to do what is necessary. Your Republican friends will be so busy bowing to the NRA that after the next election they won't understand why they all got kicked out.

Auntie Em said...

No bible thumping here and certainly no repubs, they are bad as you.

No reason for our rights to be violated all for "public safety".

Mother Jones said...

I'm not talking about violating rights. You seem to think everything is absolute. Terrorism today did not exist back in 1800. You still have your rights you need, tempered by reasonable judgment. Even your Rand Paul sees the need for drones after that little tantrum he delivered on the senate floor.

Most of the people out there don't think the way you do. There's something positive coming out of all of this.

Auntie Em said...

And AGAIN you seem to think it is up to you what any of us NEED!!! Just answer the question, what gives you the right to determine what anyone needs, not just in relation to guns but anything.

How much food do we need?

How much water do we need?

Who do you think we should get these needs from?

And it doesn't matter whether most people think the way I do (I question that assertion) when we have the constitution to go by. You are talking about mob rule. That can change with the wind. It's why we are a republic. Most people are against immigration reform, how do you fit that into your "most people do not think the way you do" excuse for doing anything?

You can't go with what the people want from day to day. They are fickle. Haven't you ever watched American Idol?

If the American people want something bad enough, then they can "address their representatives" to draft an amendment to the constitution. And that process is deliberately difficult to prevent the cause of the day from polluting our laws, even more than they do now.