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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bloomberg bans donations to Homeless Shelters???

This guy is an idiot!  Banning peoples right to buy as big a drink as they want is not enough, back in March he banned donations to Homeless Shelters.  So now while thousands in New York are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy, you cannot help by donating.  Because Bloomie can't verify the salt and fat content.


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of the reservation said...

Do not confuse liberalism with humanity or common sense. Liberalism embodies itself in selfishness and greed. These people exist to prop themselves up as being the "big block thinkers," beyond any sensible questioning of their methods.

Then they feed their greed and ego by looking to be propped up for coming up with the insane idea. Then they get off watching the government force us at gun point to carry out their ideas.

Liberals debate only when you agree with them. Their mechanism for compromise is to make unrealistic demands to take property from people. Then they demand that you feel good that you conceded to give up half of what they wanted in the spirit of compromise.