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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Liberal stupidity in our colleges

This is great and a perfect example of how the left cannot fathom us disagreeing with Obama for any other reason than he is black.  They could not handle that, charging racism is easier for them.  So our children in college get letters like this and our children if they are white are today being called "crackers" and being told "now you know what it is like to be a slave".  Even though, not one single person alive today in the US knows what it was like.

Anyway, this was forwarded to me by a parent:
Dear Friends,

This was received from our daughter the morning after the Election. She attends a prominent private university in Nashville, TN. Also please note the lack of spell check. I suppose she was too exuberant.

Mama and Daddy-

You will not even believe this. My head of house sent this email this morning and I am HIGHLY offended. Of course, what do you expect from an Obama supporter? Ignorance and name calling. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Your Jobless-in-the-Future Daughter,

Dear House Residents,

The election last night was historic. Like 2008, an Afro-American won the presidency again, in a divided nation. It should be no secret that I am personally delighted. I have tried to remain publicly neutral but this morning I am being transparent. I want to share what I think happened last night.

1. Racism lost last night. This is not a post-racial society but it is one that is tired of those who continue to practice racism to gain power. It is one that more and more citizens support leaders based on ideas and leadership than reject leaders based on difference. The demographics of this country have changed and you cannot lead by writing off any segment of American society.

2. Sexism lost last night. First of all, so many women won in tough campaigns. In New Hampshire this morning, the entire top federal leadership of that state is female. Those who dared to disrespect women's right to make their own decisions about their bodies lost. Elizabeth Warren won against Scott Brown and Claire McCaskill won against Todd Akin in tough races. Tammy Baldwin, an openly gay candidate, won in Wisconsin. In the words of the song "sisters can do it for themselves."

3. Big money lost last night. The amount of money thrown in this election was enought to go a long way to end the deficit. The effort to buy this campaign failed against the will of people who worked in the old fashioned way--shoe leather, knocking on doors, organizing coupled with the brillant use of technology and brillant campaign leadership.

4. Stupidity lost last night. By stupidity I mean the constant disrepect for ordinary people and treating them as if they are stupid led to great losses in many contests; the outrageous lying (as opposed to honest mistakes) was challenged last night. The failure last night to remember history ignited a movement. I am referring specifically to the attempt to suppress the vote in Florida, Ohio, and several other states. The attempt led to anger and a determination to exersize vote for thousands. As I write this, some are still voting in Florida.

5. Contempt for the poor lost elections last night. Poor people are citizens just like the middle class and the rich. They must be considered as part of America. Last night the poor voted, stood in long lines, and spoke out on talk radio and moved to have their voices heard.

Several other significant events happend in this campaign and last night. Mitt Romney and Scot Brown of MA. were gracious last night and called for us to work together to improve this country. President Obama opened by reaching out to Romney to continue discussions to solve America's problems. In the wake of the tragic storm that hit the East coast, Chris Christy, a Republican, and President Obama, a Democrat, acted like grownups. Let us hope this means that elected officials realize that the citizenry insist that they do their job.

There is so much more to be said but the most important point this morning is that you as the future leaders of this country take the right lessons from this election. To do that we must have the courage and maturity to talk about the issues raised in the political arena (and there are many issues) and to talk about the difficult and sensitive issue in our social relations. I have more faith in you than in my peers.

So I invite you to come and talk about these issues. Train yourselves to be better leaders for the future. Come to our dinners, have conversations with each other, drop my apartment and let's talk, go to lectures, and ask all the questions you need to anyone who will engage you. We need you to be the best you can be if we are going to tackle the local and global challenges in the future.

If you read this whole message, I thank you.

Warm regards,

Prof. XXXX


Auntie Em said...

And many may think sounds good to them. Here's the problem I have with it. It automatically assumes that the only reason we are against Obama is because of his skin color. I am SO sick of being called a racist by people who don't even know me. Just consider for ONE moment that we might actually just have a difference of opinion!!! A local radio personality has a son who attends Payne College. All day Wednesday he and the other white kids were subjected to "hey cracker", "now you know how it feels to be a slave". Number one, do you really teach your kids to think this way? Number two, no one alive knows what it felt like to be a slave so SHUT UP!

butt racerist neckid said...

wellllll...okay I'll admit it...if it makes me a racerist so be it...

I hate usamabamasoetoros WHITE half...yep!!!'s why...the white half din't beat the crap outa the other half to get his mind right...the white half din't kick the socialist darker sides ass!!!...

here's the capcha code:rdb nega

of the reservation said...

Expect the racist calls to become even more vocal. The liberal process is to take piece by piece. If you say "ENOUGH" then you are a racist.

I have no interest in starting a riot. My knees do not work well any more.

Talking does not work any more. The ballot box is useless. Time for the cartridge box. Let my bullets do the rioting.