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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Left Wing Hate

Of course libbies will say it doesn't exist.


Mother We Love Everyone Jones said...

From Right Wing Haters.

Republicans find people like this who are traitors to their people and prop them up. The Republican racist hate messages don't change because you find a black man to say them.

Auntie Em said...

Kinda like the left finding a very few racist signs in the early days of the tea party and using those to brand the entire group racist?


And lookee there is the Uncle Tom "traitors to their People" comment.


You really failed on this one MJ.

You never did give an opinion on Malcolm X saying your a chump....

of the reservation said...

Oh, Oh! I think we found something Mother Jones. Look, there is a black man being beaten down by whitie for showing up at a demonstration! An angry white mob of all things!!! You are correct! Look at the hatred here!

That was your SEIU white supremacist group, babe. Own it! Your people beat that black man because you saw him as your slave and he failed to behave. That is what you do, Mother Jones. You beat your slaves when they do not do as they are told.

Same goes for West. Another black man walks off your plantation so you need to jerk him back, right? I watched those videos in their entirety. That is why you vilify Condoleza Rice. That is why your media chose to block the minority speakers when they spoke at the RNC. If they are not being a good little "porch n____r" then you have to beat them.

Your KKK roots have never changed. Your filthy KKK Demoncrats came on to our reservation, destroyed our property, tied up my relatives, beat them, whenever it suited you fine.

The knives are being sharpened. The ammo is being bought. The preparations are under way. You slave masters are going to see a rebellion unlike anything witnessed in a long time.

Mother Peace Loving Jones said...

Pulease! Can't you give it a rest? It's too bad they couldn't cure you of that Tourette problem.