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Saturday, November 3, 2012

NAACP Hijacking Polling Stations

This is disgusting!  They are actually pulling people out of line and moving them to the front!


Mother Voting Jones said...

Looks to me like people needing of help. People who can't stand for long periods of time in line like the elderly and the handicapped needed assistance. I'd gladly let an elderly person go ahead of me to vote rather than force them to suffer in their condition and see them walk away without voting.

Seems to me you Repubicans are back to suppressing the minority and elderly vote. You reduce polling resources in minority areas to create long lines and discourage the vote. While polling stations in affluent white neighborhoods are filled with voting booths and no lines exist.

How do Repubicans discriminate?

Push deceitful robocalls and flyers about legitimate Democratic candidates.

Purging rolls schemes that target minorities.

Deploying poll watchers with ulterior motives.

Intimidating billboards in minority communities threatening police action against voter fraud.

Even though judges have overturned discriminating voter ID laws, Repubicans still push fraudulent ads to the contrary.

Felon disenfranchisement laws across most of the country have made significant populations ineligible to vote on Tuesday.

GOP officials in Texas and Iowa have threatened to arrest international election observers who have been coming to the United States without incident since 2002.

Despite that very little voter fraud exists, paranoia about it is a bipartisan phenomenon.

Repubicans block National ID which would fix a Repubican made up problem of voter fraud.

You can find my sources and links here.

Mother Voting Jones said...

This is another site the lists Repubican tricks and deceit in the election process. Each of the categories has additional links to the actual article or judgements against the Repubicans.

Maybe you do not like Mother Jones, but the links in that article are not Mother Jones articles for.

Voter Caging

Lying Flyers

Reprehensible Robocalls

Felon Disenfranchisement

Voter ID Laws

Voter Purges

The Menacing Billboard

Poll Watchers

Messing With Early Voting

Making Voter Registration More Difficult

Auntie Em said...

Did you just skip right over the part where they pulled people out of line to the front? AFTER finding out who they were voting for? Get them a chair! Don't put them in front.

Hell, there is a guy Jim Turner on facebook BRAGGING he voted 5 times!

You lie about it never happening or you choose to ignore.

Oh here's one that even involves a GOP Firm. I bet NOW you'll sit up and take notice because it's the right doing it.

All your other so-called points are just fear-mongering reverse discrimination conspiracy theorists crap.

Mother Good Karma Jones said...

Looks like nice people win after all. Mean people suck and you got what you deserved. You stir up bad karma and it comes back to you.

Maybe you should accept what has happened. Become a happy person. Give up this site. Go out and give back to your community. Hold hands with your neighbor. This nation has rejected your racism and hate.