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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I really don't know where to go from here.

Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much if I hadn't studied the beginnings of our nation.

What the founders went through, what our army went through those years with barely anything to eat or clothes to wear.  Many fought barefooted.

And now to see what this nation has become.

The experiment that was America could not ever be duplicated because we do not have the same caliber of people, willing to sacrifice everything, even their lives, to bring about this nation.


So when it is completely destroyed, the rest of the world will no longer have us to point to as a beacon of hope.


Mother Elated Jones said...

Our nation adapts to new ideas and concepts. The Constitution is a living document that helps us to continue to grow through compromise.

Don't discount the achievements of this election.

When the next Senate is sworn in, it will include Wisconsin's Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay member of America's upper house.

Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, setting up an inevitable conflict between the federal government's immoral war on drugs and an American electorate that is growing increasingly weary of it. Aren't all libertarians happy for this achievement?

California voters declined to reject the death penalty, but they voted to raise taxes and limit the state's draconian "three strikes" law, which mandated automatic life imprisonment for individuals convicted of three felonies. They show us that paying taxes is truly a patriotic act!

Marriage equality supporters notched wins in four states, for the first time winning at the ballot box instead of in the courts or state legislatures. The people of our wonderful country really believe in everyone sharing in the fruits of our civil rights!

Maryland voters approved in-state tuition discounts for undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children.

Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, the most regressive symbols of the Republican agenda on women's rights, were defeated. We defeated more archaic GOP ideals!

We ARE the beacon of hope and we prove that more everyday! Now President Obama can focus on taking us forward out of the quagmire of failed capitalism and those stuffy Tea Bagger fallacies.

And, of course, buy American!

of the reservation said...

Beacon? That is really good. You are the beacon of real greed. You use the ballot box to elect your leaders who pass more laws to steal from me and to give to you. You never have enough of my property and you need to take more. You are among the soul-less who are empty and black inside. You create grand notions of helping humanity then turn around and use the force of the government gun to make me implement your grand ideas while you bask in the lime-light.

After that, you are empty and dark again.

The ballot box serves to allow the moochers to take more from me. The ballot box is a failure. When the ballot box fails, it is time for the cartridge box.

If you create a society where you have moochers that use the force of government to take from hard working people then you should not be surprised when the hard working people throw down their tools, pick up their guns, and come hunting for you.

It is coming time for the revolution. It is coming time for those enslaved to rise up and cut down the liberals. It is coming time for blood letting of liberals and moochers.

Auntie Em said...

The pot issues I supported.

But you are missing the point, you would vote in anyone as long as they are in a minority regardless of whether they are qualified or not. Elizabeth Warren can't even tell the truth about her heritage!

There is nothing patriotic about paying taxes. Taxes are inflation on top of inflation.

And for what? So we can give it back out to failing Solyndras?

Do not talk to me about the constitution. You and your ilk are wiping your feet on it every day.

Compromise is one thing but when you ask me to accept behaviour that is so inherently wrong, that is no longer compromise, that is capitulation.

Slavery is alive and well and lives in the Democratic Party. And too many of the Repubs go right along with it.

Like Malcolm X said, you are political chumps.

BTW, do not use the tea bagger term. It is offensive and will be deleted in the future, got it?

Mother Hot Coffee Jones said...

The Tea Party is dead.

I think that's something you can wrap your little mind around. This election proved that this little far right, whackadoodle, group of angry old white people has lost its appeal. But we have seen this group before, just by a different a name.

When FDR was president, it was called the American Liberty League. When JFK was president, it was the John Birch Society. When Bill Clinton was president, it was the Vince Foster conspiracy theorists. More conspiracies, more hate, more doomsday preppers.

We should all be grateful that the Republican Party felt the need to cling to their angry armed christian whackos. We're grateful. And when will you realize that government debt is not household debt? Of course, you'll never give that up.

The best you can hope for is your party leadership will moderate toward the center, accept other races, accept other genders. Otherwise, you'll just be the party of angry old white guys.

Auntie Em said...

Charges of racism are a tool to shut down discourse. It's the only tool you have because everything else you said is false.

Ever hear of Kevin Johnson?

He is against race politics. You should read him, he would put you and YOUR racist attitudes to shame. He understands that the dems have done nothing but enslave minorities and women with their entitlement chains.

You WISH we were racist, that would make it so much easier for you to understand why we disagree with Obama and progressives.

You've already shown that your are ignorant when it comes to economic matters, not understand how debt DOES effect every household.

"Mother Jones" for years had been touted as an "independent" source, but you have slid so far to the left you no longer deserve that title of "independent".

Your most recent claim to fame was the so-called "47% Romney video". Although he was telling the truth, you ran with it.

HOWEVER you forgot to tell everyone how much it was edited!

And on facebook you can only come up with 123,000? Hell, that lambastic Limbaugh has 10 times that!

Oh and the KKK? Democrat