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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not going to Vote or have Never voted? Libertarians Want YOU!

Just like the old taverns, cafes can be incubators for out of the box thinking.  Today, I had the honor of meeting several of my facebook "friends" who are now definitely friends!  Rocky had this great idea of tapping this unexplored potential voting block.

According to USA Today, 90million Americans fall into the category of  being registered but not inspired enough to vote or have just never bothered.


The reasons cited in the article all sound like they haven't really thought it out or they don't want to say they are flat out disgusted with the system, the candidates and the resultant failures of both.  And after all what can one man do to affect them in any way whatsoever?

All too often, they don't feel welcome by any party.

This is where the Libertarian Party comes in.  We welcome everyone and we want to create an environment that encourages instead of regulates.  Education instead of legislation.  You really can achieve as much or as little as you the individual, want.

What do they want?  Many probably don't even know cause they have not really thought about it much.  I encourage everyone to "take the test".

Smallest Quiz In The World

If you discover you are libertarian you may ask yourself "what exactly does that mean"?  Good question.

What is libertarianism?

Check back, we'll have more later!


butt aintplayin neckid said...

Auntie...I've been votin' for several decades an' to tell the truth things have gotten worserer and fault???...

so to help you save this failing country I'm not gonna play no mo'...that should fix it...

of the reservation said...

I have to agree with Butt. I vote and it just gets worse.

Ballot Box ==> FAILURE

Cartridge Box ==> Up next.

Auntie Em said...

No guys, not the point. We are trying to get the uninvolved, involved. If we could get those 90million, we could start having an impact.

of the reservation said...

Let us review the difference between voting here and voting in a Communist country.

Here: Vote for one of the gimmedat party reps, either Left Sock Puppet or Right Sock Puppet. New government takes more rights away.

Communist: Vote for only one candidate. Government outcome the same.

Here: No requirement to vote.

Communist: Must vote.

Ok, either way, the outcome is the same. We still end up with a tyrant. We have to ask for permission. Think we have a right to own a gun? Think again. You have to fill out a form for the BATF to bless and give their permission. Think you have a right to free speech? Stand in front of the Capital Building and state a political view. They lock you up because you do not have a permissions slip and speaking out of your designated "free speech" zone.

If you have to ask for permission then you do not have the right. People stopped voting because it does not change the outcome other than the Federal Govt takes more of our rights away. I have no representation in the government. They fill their pockets and give away my property to the mooching liberals.

of the reservation said...

Another case in point. The Left Sock Puppet declared to be our friend before the election because he would protect our "right" to privacy. Now after the election, the bad Left Sock Puppet has rewritten the law to take our privacy away and give it to the police state:

We have no right to privacy. The government stripped us of our rights because a bunch of weenies cried about their safety. Now we have lost everything and it is a matter of time before the government just comes along to take it. Everything being staged so that the massive monster can consume us with minimal indigestion.

Declaration of Independence applies here. For us to demand that we have these rights, inherent to our humanity, invites the full wrath of the police state and our lives are forfeit. We have to fight to keep what is ours or die a slave to the tyrants. Voting accomplishes nothing.

of the reservation said...

Before the election, a number of libertarians that I know wanted to see Obama win. They were hoping that with an Obama win, he would drive the government to an ultimate bankrupt conclusion earlier than anyone else. Then everything would magically reset to 1800 and the whole mess cleaned up.

Some had problems voting for Obama and voted for Johnson instead knowing that would pull votes from Romney. There was no expectation that voting for Johnson would mean that Johnson had a chance of winning. This exercise was merely to placate their conscience so they could just say they did not vote for Obama.

Folks, when governments like this fail the result is a blood thirsty dictator that would have no problem having a million people vanish. Heck, some of these sickos think it helps create control by showing these people shot on TV. And there is the nerve agents that would disperse and allow for good subjects to move in after the bodies are removed.

Obama is a sociopath. He had no problem letting those people die in Benghazi. He had no problem with making a US civilian a Muslim target by pointing a finger at them for the Benghazi terrorists to go Jihad on (anyone heard from that guy after he got his hearing? Did not think so). Obama had no problem with all those innocent Mexican civilians in Mexico getting slaughtered with our guns Holder gave to the Mexican cartels. Not to mention, Holder declared Obama himself the head executioner, allowed to hand out a death warrant as he sees fit.

Auntie Em said...

"either way we end up with a tyrant"

Exactly right. Reset to 1800? No, more like everyone will finally see there is no R & D anymore, it's all one big snow job.

Mother Real Patriot Jones said...

I'm amused with your conspiracy talk. Really? You fashion yourselves these great revolutionaries?

I'd bet a good chunk of coin you're still driving on the government highways. Why don't you show me where Obama has threatened your precious 2d Amendment?

Auntie Em said...

Mother "Real Patriot" Jones? That's a laugh, you want to completely transform America from the republic that it was designed to be so I'd say that makes you a traitor, not a patriot.

And you don't get to pose new questions until you answer the ones put to you:

How would you pay for the system you want? If there are no jobs, and you've run off all the rich who is going to pay for it?

Auntie Em said...

This is a great article on our roads and whether we need government for them. People like Mother Jones think that everything would fall apart without interference from the federal government, forgetting the state and local would still have the ability to do it, more efficiently probably.

There is a great discussion in the comments section, intelligent commentors not idealogues like MJ.