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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Pickens Plan

Here's the plan link, hopefully it will work for everyone:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Energy Discussion

I hope everyone had a chance to visit the following websites:

Please let me know if you have any other good suggestions.

This will be a NON political (yes I said NON) because leaders from both sides are working either on their own program or you will see some here where they are working together.

Starting with the Pickens Plan, his first phase is wind. There are lots of links on his websites on where and how much energy he believes can be captured with these wind farms. These are not the same old wind mills you see all over the southwest that about a third of them are not even working. Those have turned out to be a maintenance nightmare. Pickens is wanting to put into play the best technology that this country has to offer. Getting the cost down, maintenance issues minimized and putting into play in a short time frame the infrastructure needed to get this generated power where it is needed.

He was just in North Dakota meeting with their Senators, then on to Arizona, New York and Texas, whew, a busy man.

Please take a few moments to look over his websites and get back here with comments, pro or con. The second site asks you to sign in, don't worry you won't end up on 15 million email lists. And it doesn't mean you support it, you just want to look at it.

Back later!

If you are in Atlanta....

This would be a great place to be and you might see us there:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Socialism does NOT work!

A big raspberry out to my Kiwi friend.

Our founding fathers set this country up as a Republic. Does everyone know what that means? A Democracy is rule by man. Republic is rule by law. This is an important distinction because they KNEW that there would be times when the men in power would be tempted to practice law according to their own personal agenda and try to change the very fundamentals of who we are. Rule of man is inconsistent, occasionally evil and always unreliable.

Now, Socialism is basically boiled down to this quote "from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs". Let's take a closer look.

Who decides the masses needs? Socialism again breaks away from the Rule by Law. The "needs" will vary depending on who is in power at the time. And how much from each? Another chance for inconsistency to rear it's ugly head.

America has an ungodly (sorry T&M) amount of people who are all to willing to stick their hands out. I don't think we have enough working people to support them all according to what they consider to be their "needs". What level is ok? Tax rate of 36%? 50%? Where does it stop?

There are a few nations out there that claim Socialism works for them. Health care is paid for, college education is paid for. From these people I hear "the government pays...". Well sorry to disappoint but that is just Impossible! The Government doesn't pay a dime. Taxpayers are paying for all these benefits. Government doesn't create jobs (unless it's paying someone to pick up trash alongside the road). Industries, Corporations create jobs. And the only way to get them to do that is to make it attractive for them to do so.

We have an astronomically porous border. And these "illegal aliens" are draining our system more and more. If we were pure Socialist, our system would completely fall apart. We are under pressure already. No way can we afford to take care of everyone.

The LA Times reported that out of all the Illegals in the state of California, only 2% are involved in the harvesting of table goods that Immigration proponents claim is reason enough to let them in. Yet an astounding 28% are on welfare.

Socialism depends on SOMEONE working. The percentage of workers to non-workers in this country is in danger of tipping our boat for good.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Foreign Opinion

Do we really care!? Why should we.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fair Tax - build the momentum

Email from Fair Tax:

Dear FairTax supporters,
There is much to say in this, "the morning after," email so I'll be brief as I share a few thoughts about the FairTax in the days ahead. is non-partisan, but I know the same cannot be said for many of our supporters. And, as such, I suspect yesterday's results came as a disappointment for some.

For me, I look at things through many lenses--as a father, as a taxpayer, as an American, as National Communications Director for For my role in particular, I see both challenges and incredible opportunities in the days ahead for our great cause.

Let me explain. In the past year, the FairTax has achieved historical support in Congress mostly via Republican backing in the House and Senate. With yesterday's returns, GOP ranks--including FairTax supporters--were thinned both by retirement decisions and the ballot box, meaning come January we'll be rebuilding our co-sponsorship levels.

Yet, that challenge is a welcome one for it affords us the opportunity to remind grassroots supporters, as well as national political figures, that the FairTax is not a Republican issue. Nor is it Democrat. It's an American one and in this, one of our darkest financial hours in decades, it's the solution we need to save the American economy. So for Republicans or Democrats (or any other political stripe for that matter) with their retirement or college savings plans being decimated by a falling stock market, the FairTax is the solution. For Republicans or Democrats trying to make their mortgage payments and keep a roof over their heads, the FairTax is the solution (after all, most banks don't bother asking your political party when foreclosing). For Republicans or Democrats whose jobs were shipped overseas for cheaper production costs and favorable taxation, the FairTax is the solution. And for a way to jumpstart the American economy with a $10 trillion dollar stimulus program funded with private investments, the FairTax is the solution.

You know, we heard a lot about change this election and we couldn't agree more. Let's us focus on real change: Bringing power back to people, not just powerful Washington insiders.

Don't think for a second that "our enemy" is either Democrats or Republicans. Indeed, the tax code is manipulated by both parties in Congress alike with reckless abandon to punish enemies and reward supporters at the hands of well-heeled lobbyists and their privileged access to Congressional tax-writing committees. Ending that practice is the kind of change we seek.

So what happens now? In short: We press on. We'll be working hard to forge new relationships in Washington, while continuing to grow our base at the grassroots level online and via new offline activities, including our new FairTax Advanced Tactics "camp." State leaders are forging ahead with new strategies to help each other and expand the base outside our centers of strength. We've seen several FairTax "distorters" turned back at the polls. We've made incredible progress in the past year, and we plan to continue that momentum. Our campaign has always been the people of America--of all political beliefs--versus the entrenched interests that surround the income tax system. In this, nothing has changed. We need now to work harder than ever to tell union members how the FairTax will keep jobs here in America, and explain to political leaders how the FairTax can unburden the poor, give small business the needed tax freedom to form and prosper and unlock the genius of American productivity and investment.

Furthermore, leadership is continuing to work to bring in new high-profile advocates, including some key Democrat leadership figures. We're also thrilled to announce a closer relationship with Governor Mike Huckabee, the former GOP presidential candidate and major FairTax supporter. As you know, Huck helped gain national attention for the FairTax during his run for the White House. Look for promotion of the FairTax on his new Fox show "Huckabee," on radio and in print with his new book, Do the Right Thing, in the coming days. As you can see, the days ahead hold incredible opportunity for the FairTax cause.

Let's go!

Sincerely, Ken HoaglandNational Communications Director

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I don't know how....

we are ever going to improve things here in the United States when almost exactly half the country feels 1) they deserve more without working for it or 2) that we should give more.

How can we ever fight that?

This is forced charity.