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Friday, May 31, 2013

Voters Want Special Prosecutor For IRS

Even 63% of Democrats!

And in this Quinnipiac poll, Obama's approval ratings are suffering, mostly among independents. 

The one item that boggles my mind is yes voters of all parties are concerned about the IRS scandal but don't care about the email hacking?  Have they forgotten Watergate?  This is the electronic version of that break in.  And a direct attack on the First Amendment protections given to media.

How many confidential informants had their identification jeopardized?  If we don't stand against that abuse, we could all be next.  FROM EITHER PARTY!

See that is the thing everyone forgets.  If you excuse behaviour just because it is your guy doing it, then you have set the precedent for the next guy to do the same TO YOU.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Recent Government Study Says.....

LOL no wonder MJ loves government studies so much!  But oops, Papa Joe Biden spilled the beans again, bet you guys wish you could put him in a closet somewhere.

Joe Biden recently let the cat out of the bag and affirmed the true intentions of the flurry of proposals for government studies on violent media that have propagated in the time since Newtown shootings: that is that they are purely political studies with a purely political intent to create pseudoscientific cover for a brazenly unconstitutional agenda.

That bears repeating: they are purely political studies with a purely political INTENT to create pseudoscientific cover for a brazenly unconstitutional agenda.


Scandal smandal

This is why so many don't care about the shenanigans coming from the White House and why his approval rating has not gone down the way it SHOULD.

They feel no shame.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRS and AP

How can you possibly justify the actions of our government lately?

The IRS targeting ANY group should be criminal whether you agree with the group or not.  The IRS should be non-partisan.  They have been used to target the left in the past and hey guess what?  It was not well received by them then, so they should be screaming just as loud now.

To keep from being hypocritical that is.

And Associated Press having their phones, etc., hacked?  How many confidential informants were exposed during this witch hunt?

The media better pay attention, they are not immune to tyranny.  For too long they have proved how partisan they could be, making many wonder why do they have 1st amendment rights if they are going to abuse them.  So now they see what can happen when they don't do their job and vet everyone in Washington regardless of party affiliation.

Both parties have been guilty of this and you keep voting for them?

Libertarian Party = we are here to take over your government and leave you alone.

You CAN love your country without loving your government.