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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Irrelevancy of Congress and the Supreme Court

The President doesn't like Congress failing to pass his Cap & Trade bill (or something similar) so he just gives the power to the EPA instead.

He doesn't like the supreme court's ruling on campaign finance so says he'll take care of it himself.

Feigns disapproval of Congress insisting on spending cuts before passing a Continuing Resolution but when we look closer to the details, what did he really cut? Nothing!

Debt ceiling has come and gone and yet he's still spending, just getting his cash from the Federal Reserve.

It's been over 60 days since he gained approval from the UN instead of Congress to begin military actions in Libya. According to the War Powers Act, he should be asking Congress for permission and funds to continue. Says he does not need Congressional approval. Or course this has been a move by previous presidents, so what kind of a precedent is Congress continuing here?

When is Boehner and the rest going to stand up, find their balls and say ENOUGH????

Or will they wait till the next election kicks yet another major portion of the establishment politicians out of office?