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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Welfare of all kinds

If you want to stop corporate subsidies I am all for that, but do not think for one minute that welfare subsidies are not a major drain on us also. Wall Street has the "too big to fail" regulatory system from the government that enables them to behave badly knowing there is a pot of $36 billion to bail them out on an ongoing basis.

Food stamps $75billion in 2011, corporate subsidies $154 billion planned for 2013, wars $6trillion over the last 10 years. But Obamacare is going to push 85 million Americans onto Medicaid which will increase to $800 billion by 2018 Fed & State combined.  

Yeah subsidies are bad but it's the wars that are really killing us. But neither side want to talk about that cost except the Libertarians. Politicians that is. The whole system sucks. 

You may think at least the individual welfare is helping people but is it?  Poverty has not decreased ever during any of these programs.  If anything, many of them are planned to make it difficult for anyone to get off a program once they are on and then we have generational victims.

The biggest victim is the American taxpayer suffering from all of the above.