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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rush Limbaugh, sluts, advertisers and the extreme left

Getting tired of hearing about this old dog?  How many advertisers has Limbaugh lost by now?  Around 32 if you listen to Media Matters.  They don't tell you how many he has picked up to fill those spots but that's ok!

But what is the REAL reason behind the attacks on Rush?

Here's my response to one of the many facebook posts by Media Matters:

That's ok, keep it up, we all know that it's only because it's Rush. Just as the recently uncovered emails of Media Matters have shown, he is a target no matter what he does. And that's ok too. Conservatives are just held to a higher standard! We all know that what the Maher/ Ed Schultz / Olberman crowd say is ok, even though they are just as disgusting, but we know extreme leftists just can't help it! A year from now no will remember this and Rush's advertisers will be back or replaced with companies that care about this country not being pushed over the financial cliff. Enjoy yourselves while you can.

And once again, I am hated by the denizens of MM!!!  Love it.  At least two other posters there have picked up on my stand and are repeating it everywhere.