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Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/11 thoughts a day later

It's been a difficult job this year deciding on what to post. We all feel obligated to say something but what?

I remember driving to work hearing on the radio that a plane had hit a building in New York, took a minute or two for them to get out that it was one of the Towers. Called my husband to make sure he was listening. Pulled into the office and my accounting clerk Hope ran up "it's not an accident you watch and see". Her words were prophetic as we learned.

I went to the conference room along with 20-25 others where there was a tv. As we stood there watching I caught out of the corner of my eye the second plane and instantly gasped along with everyone else in the room as it slammed into the second tower.

Mac, one of our vice presidents, ran from the room to call his brother. Only later would he discover we had just watched his murder in the second tower.

We all walked in and out of that room to see what else was on tv, how the rescue efforts were going, had anyone claimed responsibility. I walked back in just in time to notice little puffs of smoke below the strike area and said outloud "the building is going to collapse". Thought I had said it to myself but the heads jerking in my direction then immediately back to the tv told me otherwise.

I could NOT believe what I was seeing. It took days for that to sink in, that someone so evil would do this and that our two towers could be not just damaged but totally destroyed with as yet unknown number of Americans inside.

First day was shock.

Second day was anger and a determination not to let them win. Americans all across the land became New Yorkers. We gave blood, we called relatives we hadn't called in years. We made sure that everyone we loved KNEW we loved them because we did not want anything to happen with out them knowing as so many cell phone messages were being broadcast from those trying to find their way out of the buildings. That to so many of us was some of the worst pain, those people not being able to say I love you one last time.

Regardless, we came together as a nation.

We have lost that feeling. I think that is why I had so much trouble posting a tribute on Sept 11th. But I have spent the last 8 hours watching off and on the rally in Washington of the 9/12 group and various tea party groups across America. Pride in us as a people, not as democrats nor as republicans but just people who deeply cared about the lack of attention Washington is paying to their employers, us the voters and taxpayers. It was very uplifting.


You may not have seen it very much on main stream media. I recorded two hours of Headline News to see how they handled it. In two hours and 15 minutes, they covered the rally 6 times for one minute each time. All six times were the exact same clip. Shameful. This was important, this was historic, this was true America at our very finest since 1776.

Yes you could call it a Fox News event, and a direct result of the 9/12 Project started in March by Glenn Beck. So what? At least someone is doing something. The 9/12 Project is all about the feeling of coming together I described above, the feeling of being American the day after the towers fell.

As a follow up to today's event, Glenn Beck has proposed what I think is a genius moment. The original signers of the Declaration of Independence number 56.

Delaware • George Read • Caesar Rodney
• Thomas McKean
Pennsylvania • George Clymer • Benjamin Franklin
• Robert Morris • John Morton
• Benjamin Rush • George Ross
• James Smith • James Wilson
• George Taylor
Massachusetts • John Adams • Samuel Adams
• John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine
• Elbridge Gerry
New Hampshire • Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple
• Matthew Thornton
Rhode Island • Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery New York • Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston
• Francis Lewis • William Floyd Georgia • Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall
• George Walton
Virginia • Richard Henry Lee • Francis Lightfoot Lee
• Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison
• Thomas Jefferson • George Wythe
• Thomas Nelson, Jr.
North Carolina • William Hooper • John Penn
• Joseph Hewes
South Carolina • Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton
• Thomas Lynch, Jr. • Thomas Heyward, Jr. New Jersey • Abraham Clark • John Hart
• Francis Hopkinson • Richard Stockton
• John Witherspoon
Connecticut • Samuel Huntington • Roger Sherman
• William Williams • Oliver Wolcott Maryland • Charles Carroll • Samuel Chase
• Thomas Stone • William Paca

(list from Wiki Answers)

Beck is calling for 56 Congressional members, from either party, to become our ReFounders, to denounce the corruption in Washington and stand up for the Constitution and We The People. Call out the corruption to the light and eliminate it completely before ANY more bills are passed!

I think that is EXACTLY what we need. Whether you like Beck or Fox or not, you cannot deny the effect they have had on average America. We can no longer count on any news agency to report or investigate. They (meaning ABC/CBS/NBC and the other cable groups) have not investigated any of the Czars appointed by Obama. Despite the rumors of wrong doing, not one has investigated ACORN. Charlie Rangel has yet to answer for his tax evasions. No followup investigations there by MSM. Same for Chris Dodd, Barney Frank or even Pelosi's ties to investments in companies due to profit immensely from the Cap & Trade bill.

Only Fox. Deny any of it. You can't. So make fun of the Foxbots as they are called, it's the only place for real news these days. And THAT is a true shame. Maybe we get rid of the corruption in Washington, something can be done about the media.

Will anyone in Washington "get it" after this rally/protest? Does it matter? I don't think so. This is more about educating people, drawing attention to their feelings. Those who don't get it, will find themselves on the way home for good.


butt neckid said...

nice piece of work......however, the way things have gotten not many will appreciate your efforts........

the fire in the belly has gone is understandable tho' americans has short term memory syndrome......way to much going on in their lives to worry about this nations safety.....

who's gonna win on idol.....I gotta get me one of those _________ fill in the blank......."I'm laid off????"......where's my free_____

we found the slippery slope and ran and got our boards.....wheeeeeee.........oh crap!!!!! who put that wall there????

even the phrase "NEVER FORGET" sounds hollow.....

what's the answer???? hell I'm not suggestion.......... revolution!!!.....but which way do we go?......and at what cost to our freedom???

I guess the best thing to do is keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel......and DRIP.....


butt neckid said...

ok no pull-it-sir prize for me.....spellings pretty close.....have instead of has

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Dat's ok BN, I didn't even notice the have vs has! Thanks for your comments.