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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Conversation on Health Care

This has of course been an ongoing discussion (okay argument) about health care reform, especially in regards to any government option.

So today I posted this question:

No where in the Constitution does the Federal Government have the right to force me to buy anything. Period. Until you libs acknowledge that fact, we can't have a logical discussion.
By Joyce M/Blythe

I actually got back an answer:

it doesnt
By snarkybird

So began Em's Health Care Plan:

it doesnt
By snarkybird

So, now that we agree I don't have to buy insurance AT ALL, we can talk about how to make it affordable enough that I would WANT to.

Tort Reform - not only would that lower doctors and hospitals operating costs, it would eliminate the $152 billion in defensive testing.

On so-called rationing, make it where the doctor AND the insurance company decide if you qualify for a procedure, NOT just the insurance company. That way they can't turn you down flat for let's say a pacemaker just because you are 80. If the doctor says yes she's 80 but she's otherwise a very active healthy 80 so give it to her.

Policy al-a-carte. I do not need to pay for maternity trust me.

Establish a pool for people who are disqualified due to pre-existing conditions or temporarily unemployed. Most policies will accept pre-existing conditions after two years, then that person can move out of the pool onto their own policy. Same when someone does get a job, give them a 3 month period to find their own insurance and get their bills caught up.

Permanently disabled? Medicare/medicaid.

Lots of ideas we can utilize. Government would only complicate and make it more expensive. They are not a legitimate "competitor".


tshirt doctor said...

Policy al-a-carte. I do not need to pay for maternity trust me. me, too.

or mental health care. wait a minute, skip that last idea. no, don't skip it. no, do.....

i like the idea that you can buy health insurance out of state. the exact same insurance policy from new york compared to one from alabama, will save the policy holder thousands of dollars.

of course the insurance companies won't like it.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Nope they won't BUT it's lots better than being run out of business altogether. They've already volunteered to cut $2billion from expenses, we just need to hold them to that.

butt neckid said... may want to concider that mental health clause......I'm not sayin' your nutz sounds 'bout right.....