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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The REAL meaning of the 2008 Election

Is the media inside my head? Time after time lately I've heard some talking head say exactly what I've been thinking and saying to some about what really happened last November.

It wasn't the people voting FOR Obama that won him the election, it was the people who voted AGAINST McCain! The Republican Washington entity lost it's supporters about halfway through 2006, some even earlier.

And the election was only close because there was also a large number who voted AGAINST the Democrats because they saw what happened in 2006 when they took over Congress. Spend spend spend ever since.

So many people are now seeing the light about how Washington in general have been lying to us for decades. I would say going back to Teddy Roosevelt, maybe Woodrow Wilson. Can you really tell the difference in actions and bills approved by either party? Don't go by what they say, look at how they vote. Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, vetoed more bills than all of his predecessors combined. He believed in personal responsibility and individual charity to help our fellow man. Not Government.

The next president, Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican said: "Every man holds his property subject to the general right of the community to regulate its use to whatever degree the public welfare may require it."

Do you want the community to tell you how to use your property? Eminent Domain has already gotten out of hand, google Institute for Justice, that is one organization fighting for our property rights.

AND HE WAS A REPUBLICAN!!! Or so he claimed. Actually, he was one of the first Progressives in a high ranking position. Google Cloward & Piven. Scary people and many of their followers are in Washington right now!

Conservatives by the thousands are waking up to this fact. And many liberal also. This coming election 2010 may be the first true election we've had since at least Reagan. The problem is, who do we send to Washington? Maybe at this point it doesn't matter as long as they are not incumbents?!! Send new blood, un-corrupted by the Beltway Virus (hey I just coined that, like it?).

If the Republican party expects to retake political control they are going to have to show us their true stripes. Can they handle it? Will they stand up to the scrutiny? I don't think we'll make it easy for them this time.

Keep all this in mind when you go to vote. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!!

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