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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lesson for Americans

Had to post this from another forum:

Unfortunately, Americans never seem to learn
What you should really take from this story is the true way our founding fathers envisioned this country working. That is, the vast majority of the power over our everyday lives residing in our state and local governments with our Federal government only being responsible for a very narrow list of items.

And why, you might ask, is this so important. Because when a state or local government gets horribly bad, YOU CAN MOVE. This was the ultimate check and balance on governmental power. How can a government be oppressive when it has no one left to govern?

And it works no matter which side of the political spectrum you sit on. You think gay marriage is a great idea but your state doesn’t recognize it, move to a state that does. You believe the 2nd amendment guarantees your right to carry a concealed weapon, move to a state that allows that. You think government healthcare is the solution, move to a state that provides it. You think low taxes and minimal government regulation is the kind of place you want to start a business, move to a state that provides those.

See, our founding fathers understood that there is no perfect governmental system. They didn’t write the constitution to be conservative or liberal. What they did was create a system that would allow the different governmental ideas to compete within a framework of liberty. As long as a State government doesn’t violate the constitution, it is free to be as socialist or capitalist as it wants, with one important restriction, you can’t lock your citizens in or keep other citizens out.

You see, if a State government screws up so bad that they ruin the prosperity of the citizenry, the citizens can leave and stay in America. But when the Federal government screws up, then we are all stuck with the consequences. So please, to my fellow citizens on the left and right, stop supporting laws that empower the Federal government, because while the power you give them today may be used to do what you think is right, they power could very well be in the hands of the other side tomorrow.
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