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Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN Not to do Census!

Just heard this, the Census Director has notified the head of ACORN that he will NOT be using their services during the upcoming census!

This is awesome! Finally it's getting through to people in position that ACORN is corrupt and they should have nothing to do with them.

In case you missed it:

That is one of two videos of ACORN employees assisting and advising on criminal activities, how to hide them from the IRS and how to get housing for a brothel.

ACORN is being investigated in 14 states for voter registration fraud. 50 employees have been arrested, 30 have been convicted.

Republican politicians that have requested an official investigation are over 30, Democrats zero. One Democrat, head of the judiciary committee, John Conyers, started an investigation to stop any further funds reaching them till all charges had been check out, then withdrew stating the "powers that be" had decided for him not to continue.

They are only one part of CCI, along with SEIU. They have received 53 million dollars. They are slated to receive over 5 BILLION from the stimulus bill.

This is very good news!

Michelle Malkin has full coverage.

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