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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chavez Speech - America Empire must end

Very rough translation of speech in an Iranian online newspaper by Hugo Chavez:


ranslation: Persian » English

Chavez: U.S. empire era vanished from the scene should be | | U.S. government mission: Venezuela president Hugo Chavez during a speech at the University of Friendship of the Russian capital between nations need the freedom of the world nations reiterated U.S. domination. Agency reports بوليواري Venezuela, "Hugo Chavez" last week was to travel to Russia in Moscow noted that the nations of the world each time before the necessity of getting rid of U.S. domination are aware. Venezuelan president at the University of "friendship between nations" in the capital of Russia spoke also ensure that the American empire in the century era of the scene will disappear. Chavez added: "If this species and not Npashd down the U.S. Empire, sometimes what will destroy humanity, then we must choose. Venezuelan president pointed out that many countries were correlated with Ampratvryhayy the Myblnd small nations, he said: Now that the new form of convergence is the benefit there are countries. Chavez asserted: If political domination, economic and military imperialism that wants to impose world into barbarism will we Nyndazym period and thereby, is that Russia should become and will continue this trend.

This guy will not be happy till he is head of all of South and Central America and very possibly has his eye on the U.S. Or help install Russia as the world leader.

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