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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's legacy

Thanks OTR.


butt neckid said...

use the farse....

Darth Reid said...

I find your lack of faith, disturbing.

WebCam said...

Darth Pelosi: He is here.
Governor Paterson: Butt Nekkid? What makes you think so?
Darth Pelosi: A tremor in the Farce. The last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master.
Governor Paterson: Surely he must be dead by now.
Darth Pelosi: Don't underestimate the Farce.
Governor Paterson: The Libertarians are extinct, their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are the new Liberal.
Darth Pelosi: Butt Nekkid is here. The Farce is with him.

Prezdunce C3PO said...

Now don't you forget this (bowing)! Why I should stick my neck out for anyone is far beyond my capacity. It's Bush's fault!!

Prezdunce C3PO said...

This is all Bush's Fault.

Emporer Obama said...


Master Yoda said...

Always three there are, no more, no less. A master and two apprentices.

WebCam said...

General Bernanke: What of the Tea Party? If the Tea Baggers have obtained a complete technical reading of this Debt Star, it is possible, however unlikely, they might find a weakness and exploit it.
Darth Reid: The plans you refer to will soon be back in our hands.
Admiral Geitner: Any attack made by the Tea Baggers against this Debt Star would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they have obtained. This debt is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it.
Darth Reid: Don't be too proud of this monetary terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a government is insignificant next to the power of the Farce.

Auntie Em said...

LOL!!! Awesome Darth Reid and WebCam!

butt neckid said...

drugs and/or alkihall waz involved wit' that....lil' commentary.....


Princess Layem said...

Help me Butt Nekkid. You're my only hope!

off the reservation said...

This whole osamabamayomama is a like a horrible episode of Star Wars.

Auntie Em, thank you for providing me some down time. I was about to light up like the debt star on overload.

WebCam said...

Princess Layem: No! New York is peaceful! We have no weapons, the BATFE and AG Holder took them all. You can't possibly...
Governor Paterson: [impatiently] You would prefer another target, a better target? Then name the state! I grow tired of asking this so it will be the last time: What state are the Tea Baggers in?
Princess Layem: ...Texas. They're in Texas.
Governor Paterson: There. You see, Darth Reid, she can be reasonable. Continue with the tax operation; you may double taxes on incomes above $80,000/year when ready.
Princess Layem: WHAT? I only charge $5,000 an hour!!! How can I pay that???
Governor Tarkin: You're far too trusting. Texas is too remote to make an effective tax demonstration - but don't worry; we will deal with your Tea Bagger friends soon enough. And as far as your rates? We'll have Admiral Geitner print more money.

WebCam said...

OTR: [about Princess Layem] They are gonna TAX her! Look, a few minutes ago you said you did not want to just wait here to be TAZED and COPAFRIED. Now all you want to do is stay?
Tshirt: Marching into the detention area is not what I had in mind.
OTR: But they are gonna have the IRS garnish her wages, seize her assets!
Tshirt: Better than bein' thrown in a cell for 48 hours, hosed down, beaten with clubs, and violated!

WebCam said...

Imperial Officer 3mbw: [seeing Tshirt and OTR disguised as Jack-booted Obama thugs taking a goat to the prison level] Where are you taking this... this.... exceptionally pretty goat?
OTR: Prisoner transfer. Cell block 1138?
Imperial Officer 3mbw: I wasn't notified. But, I really like this goat.
[moves closer to the goat, petting the goat longingly, making purring sounds to the goat, kneeling before the goat; the goat bolts out of his binders]
Tshirt: Look out he's loose!
OTR: He'll tear us all apart!
Tshirt: I'll get 'im!
OTR: No, wait. The goat is angry. This is good therapy for the goat.
[Imperial Offcer 3mbw is torn to shreds by the angry goat, as if the goat was traumatized by an earlier encounter with 3mbw. soon the crazed goat calms down, 3mbw's blood dripping from his hooves]

Auntie Em said...

OMG!!!!! This could make an excellent Show! Maybe The Simpson's could do it!

WebCam said...

[Sound of large steel door opening. Princess Layem on a cot looking surprised.]
OTR: We are here to save you.
Princess Layem: You're too old to be a jack-booted Obama thug.
Tshirt: That's age discrimination.
[Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, KSM, appears in a cell across from Princess Layem.]
KSM: Allah be praised! You are here to save me!
OTR: Die you pig!
[OTR pulls out a Glock 18, switched to fully automatic mode, with a magazine extender, empties all 30 rounds in KSM. KSM falls to the floor. Tshirt looks on in shock.]
Tshirt: You SHOT him!
OTR: No, I dispensed justice.
Princess Layem: Guys?
Tshirt: But that man had rights.
OTR: Yes, he had the right to die.
Princess Layem: Guys!
Tshirt: There is a legal constitutional process. He was supposed to get a civilian trial.
OTR: KSM was a murdering Muslim terrorist that was captured in a war zone.
Princess Layem: GUYS!!! Rescue ME!!! Remember?!?!?!?
Tshirt: There was NEVER a legal declaration of war. He has rights and liberties just like you and me.
[Princess Layem is removing her clothes.]
OTR: You are such a damn liberal!
[Princess Layem is now on the cot completely naked.]
Tshirt: You're just being ignorant.
Princess Layem: [laying naked on the cot, eyes looking up at the ceiling, arms wide apart] Help me Butt Nekkid. You're my only hope!

off the reservation said...

I am everything you have come to expect from years of reading Mad Magazine.

Emporer Obama said...


butt neckid said...

princess layem.......I'm coooooooommmmmmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnn'.............



butt neckid said...

(butt neckid turns toward the camera grinnin' like a loony)...

I'm SKREWED........


J Cooper said...

Its 3 AM,somewhere in Twosan.Everyone is fast asleep,the neighborhood is black with the exception of a sole light emitting for the corner study of the Butt Neckid household.

The beautiful Mrs.Butt Neckid,the last one standing,glides into the study only to find Butt Neckid passed out at the computer.Face buried in the keyboard,slobber dripping from the corner of the enter key.

She gently guides his head and body back into his easy chair and applies his brand new baby blue snuggie.She reaches over,hits SAVE and then SHUT DOWN.The room goes even dimmer.She collects the glass and empty bottle of Capt. Morgan,turns and glides back to the doorway.At the doorway she turns,smiles warmly,and says,May the Farse be with you,Butt.She hits the light switch,and the house goes black.

And there you have it folks,another episode of The Debt Star is complete.The Master has done it again.

But not to worry,tomorrow is another day, more cookies to bake and more beer to chill.

Sleep tight,Master!!

butt neckid said... have to get tighter screening are lettin' in RIGHTWINGNUTJOBS or aliens.....

that was MASTERFUL typing acting.....well if TOTUS and his puppet can do it we can too!!!

code: l e a k e r o l

WebCam said...

[On the bridge of the Debt Star]
AG Holder: Our IRS, FBI, and BATFE Agents have reached Texas. They found the remains of a Tea Party Conference, but they estimate that it has been deserted for some time. They are now conducting an extensive search of the surrounding states under the pretense of weapons smuggling to Mexico.
Governor Paterson: [referring to Princess Layem] She lied. She lied to us.
Darth Reid: I told you she would never consciously betray the Tea Baggers.
Governor Paterson: [Looking at Admiral Geitner] Tax her. Seize her assets immediately.

WebCam said...

[Princess Layem, OTR, Tshirt, goat, Prezdunce C3PO, and R2D2 made their way back to the Millionaire Falcon]
OTR: Hey Princess, you have been smiling since we left the cell block. What is going on?
Princess Leyem: [Sighing and smiling] Oh, nothing, nothing at all.... You know they let us go. It was the only reason for the ease of our escape.
Tshirt: Easy? You call that easy?
Princess Layem: Listen, boy. I know easy when I see it and they're tracking us.
Tshirt: Not my bank account, sister.
Princess Layem: [sighs] At least the tracking numbers in R2 are still intact.
Tshirt: What's so important? What's he carrying?
Princess Layem: The account holders of the national debt. I only hope that when the data's analyzed a weakness can be found. It's not over yet.
Tshirt: Keep that R2 unit away from me. I don't want to get COPAFRIED.
Goat: baaaaa baaaaa

Emperor Obama said...

[Lightening is shooting from his fingers. His eyes, fiery red, uncontrolled laughter.]

WebCam said...

[On the Bridge of the Debt Star]
Governor Paterson: Are they away?
Darth Pelosi: They've just made the jump into hyperspace.
Governor Paterson: You're sure the illegal wire taps are in place? I'm taking an awful risk, Pelosi. This had better work.
Darth Pelosi: It's ok. We can blame the NSA and CIA. I will deny that I had any knowledge of what they were doing. I have staff members falsifying documents as we speak.
Darth Reid: Good. Good. Counselor Emmanuel has trained you well.

Prezdunce C3PO said...

We're Doomed!

WebCam said...

[Bridge of the Debt Star]
Admiral Van Jones: Lord Reid, we have tracked the criminals to the Tea Bagger base in Nashville. We have taken up positions on the outskirts of town. They have taken a defensive posture.
Darth Reid: Your incompetence has alerted the rebels to our presence.
Admiral Van Jones: I'm sorry, your excellence. I take full responsibility.
Darth Reid: The Emperor will be most displeased.
Admiral Van Jones: I apologize, your excellence.
[Admiral Van Jones starts choking and falling to the ground. In futility, he is grasping his throat. Finally, he is unconscious and his lifeless body is removed.]
Darth Reid: Apology, accepted. Admiral Sutley, you are in charge of the attack now.

J Cooper said...

Doomed is a state of mind,we can recover from.

SKREWED.Is a totally different animal.

We need to start working on animation!!

Hey,did someone call me a RIGHTWINGNUT JOB, That hurt!!

ChristyACB said...

Seriously, Is there any way possible to just go ahead and make a whole UTube movie like this?

Too hilarious and, it might be thru!

Auntie Em said...

Thanks Christy! Well guys, anyone with an idea how to do this? If it gets enough hits.... well we could all end up ON a list LOL!

butt neckid said...

can we do it neckid????

J Cooper said...

Hey, I'll do all the audio,and can I please be the goat???

LiberalHater said...

Nancy Pelosi looks like a scruffy headed nerfherder.

butt neckid said... sure??? she looks as tho she's a lil' gassy.....