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Monday, October 14, 2013

Dave Ramsey nails it!

We can't escape the math of Obamacare.

If we really wanted to do something that MIGHT have worked, establishing walk in clinics at the state level to handle those who have no insurance would have kept them out of the emergency rooms saving us billions of dollars.

Let the rest of us shop for our insurance across state lines.

Keep the feds out of it cause they just add to the cost and bureaucracy.


Mother Jones said...

The Affordable Health Care Act is THE LAW OF THE LAND! Get over it! You'll hold our country and jobs hostage to your false speeches and grand standing. The people in this country know you are to blame!

Libertaritards and repubicans always scream about obeying the law and you cannot follow it. You need to learn to behave yourselves.

Oh! You've really got me laughing. You got your militia and homophobes playing warrior wannabes on the Mall. Just keep on fakin it. Nobody's buying your BS from Cruz and Palin. Go back to painting lip stick on your racist pigs!

HA HA!!!!

Auntie Em said...

Slavery was the law of the land moron! Laws get changed, repealed, etc.

Get over yourself! It WILL be challenged again.

Ain't nothing here remotely racist, to throw that around so haphazardly belittles real racist situations.

shuttindown said...

Is it me or is ma somehow different lately...seems to wax sophomoric?

I dunno Auntie - I'm thinkin they handed off the baton to some other bubble brain in the office. You can feed it if you want - it's your site, but it really is nothing more than a fly at a picnic.

butt Itol'ya neckid said...

mother j is goin' thru's ain't covered in HELLSCARE!!!...
law o' da land...hahahaha...

Mother Jones said...

Now that all you low-wattage bulbs in this box have burned yourselves out, think on this:

You're so busy trying to throw out the Affordable Health Care Act that you neglect to look at the real victims. These retirees are put in limbo, spending more money than they need to, because your unhinged extremists are attacking a good plan.

You'll stop at nothing to harm innocent people for your fringe political objectives. You've missed the mainstream and take up the cause of terrorism.