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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From Me to Yours

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, take it in the spirit intended as I shall do the same.

Love you guys and next year we'll kick some butt! 


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Butt, Coop, Shuttindown, Auntie Em, and OTR!

Even you, Mother Jones. I hope you can find peace and joy. Despite whatever life style you have chosen, I would take you in whatever your troubles.

buttnervisneckid said...


kick sum butt???...

whadaahell did I do???...

Mother Jones said...

A life style choice? That's how you christians think? Oh, I get it. Your merciful "god" creates people who are gay and lesbian and then you call it a choice? Have you ever thought about getting an education? Every last one of you a backwoods hick!

I don't get off on these rituals like you fools. We're in a society that understands and reasons. You and your little tooth fairies, jesus dolls, or what ever else you're praying to show you for the uneducated and ignorant that you are. I know when I'm in a taxi with an idiot when they have a bobble headed jesus doll on their dash board.

Auntie Em said...

Wow sensitive much? Where did I say sexual orientation? I was talking about (in context with Christmas might have given you a clue) Christian, atheist, Hindu, Islam, etc. I'm quite sure Anon was talking the same.

You make a lot of assumptions about people who disagree with you, sounds like you need a little education yourself.

Anonymous said...

MJ, More of the liberal dogma. When going out to pick a fight, blame the Christians. I get it. You need to look very self-important. You need to look like a big strong defender to your wine-sipping friends. You and your liberal friends build your egos by tearing others down.

Liberals blame Christian for their woes because:

-o- a Christian won't hang gays and liberals like Muslims would

-o- Christians won't track you down and kill you when their holy book is defiled like a Muslim would

-o- Christians don't cut off the heads of non-believers like Muslims do

-o- Christians won't knife you repeatedly till dead for drawing a picture of Jesus as a Muslim would for drawing a picture of Mohammed

-o- Christians won't stone you, burn you, and drag your lifeless body through the streets because you turn away from your faith like Muslims do to apostates

It's not lost on any reasonable individual that your messiah, Obama, is waging a deadly war on Christians. Obama funds Al-Queada in Syria to kill Christians. Obama funds the Muslim Brotherhood to kill the Coptics in Egypt. Like the Sunni/Shiites in the Middle East, he plays Sunnis off against Shiites by funding one over the other.

And yes, it's not lost on any reasonable individual that like all liberals, you will equivocate your way out of this by pointing to criminals as Christians and say they are really not different. And then if that is so, why don't you go after Muslims for what they do to lesbians, guys, transgendered, pan-gendered, pan-sexualed, poly-sexualed, etc. today? Why don't your little friends draw caricatures of Mohammed persecuting gays and lesbians???

I'm just saving us some time and helping us get to the real meat of the argument. It's also not lost on me that this is where you cut and run...

Mother Jones said...

My gawd! Must your lunacy continue? There is free mental health care in the Affordable Health Care Act. Sybil, you should take advantage of it and those voices will be calmed. I really worry for you.

Actually, I think you've got to get yourself a good lay. Isn't there someone out there to your liking??? Get rid of BOB. It's not doing you any good sweetie.

Auntie Em said...


"You need a good lay"?

Man, could you be any more of a chauvinist.

Who the hell is Bob?

Are you part of this conversation?

Mother Jones said...

Oh puhLEASE! Must I spell out everything for you? Battery Operated Boyfriend! B.O.B. It's chauvinistic to notice that you're a bit high strung? Is that pic of you from the 60's? Are you THAT old fashioned???

Auntie Em said...

Yeah dingbat, telling someone they need a good lay as if that is what is wrong with them IS chauvinistic!

Let's look at the comments you've posted just on this thread:

"That's how you christians think?" - you just can't seem to remember from one thread to the next that I am a non-believer.

"Sybil" - is this going back to your misguided belief that I post under multiple names? Nope, Auntie Em is me, the others are just that, others.

"High Strung" - not me, I'm calm, cool and collected. Have no problem with different races or gays. Religions are fine as long as they don't attempt to tell me what to do or not to do.

Face it Mother Jones, I am what you dems USED to be about. I'm the anti-war, drugs for any who want them, love everyone true liberal in the classical sense. In other words, a libertarian since you guys screwed up the word liberal.

It's important that you and everyone else understand that you can't have government doing everything for everyone and at the same time expect them to leave you alone. It just doesn't work that way. Government will always want more than they give.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is the new fascism.

Obama has made use of "The Big Lie" at various times. Opponents of Obamacare? At technique used often by Hitler.

And of course, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." As with Goebbels and now the media, the truth is the enemy of the state. That is why it is of the utmost importance that Obama's message about Obamacare be protected from the truth by the media.

Clearly, MJ, you are a tool of the state.

shuttindown said...

Most liberals prefer the ASS-assinator 6000. No wimpy batteries for this beauty - just plug into the dryer outlet for unlimited potential. The high power and customized gear reduction drive delivers superior torque to ensure this baby will keep driving it home to even the homeliest progressives no matter how hard they can clench. And judging from the pained pinched look of most of them - boy oh boy can they clench!
Available in a Briggs and Stratton model as well...

Happy 2014 everybody!

Anonymous said...

Dang shuttindown, don't go givin' that ho' mo' ideas. We's gots lots of probs keepin' our homes warm wit all dat powa grid goin' sky high on the ova-load mission. She be dubbin down on dat powa overload wit da back pokkit intensifier wiles we's be gettin' skrewed on dees lectic bills homey. BamaHellScare gots nuttin on her intensifyin habbits!