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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Health Care Fight from Americans For Prosperity

Email they send out.

Dear Joyce,
It was bad enough when President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tried to pass their health care takeover through vote-buying, closed-door meetings, and strong-arm tactics. But what they're doing now is even worse...

Right now, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are working to ram their Washington takeover through Congress - without a real vote - using a parliamentary trick called "reconciliation." Democrats are hosting a sham "summit" this Thursday to "re-package" their failed plan before they attempt to force it through using "reconciliation."

The result of their dishonest maneuver: only 51 votes will be needed in the Senate instead of the 60 required by the long-established rule of law.

Working with grassroots allies, Americans for Prosperity has a plan to defeat this threat:

1. Please join us for an Emergency Tele-town Hall TONIGHT at 7:30PM Eastern to discuss this threat and our strategy to defeat it. Dial (888)886-6603, Ext. # 14152. Your direct involvement and input is critical to our success. There's no charge to you for joining this call.

2. If you can make it to Washington this Thursday, please stand with us as we protest right outside the gates of the DC mansion where Obama, Pelosi and Reid are hosting their sham "summit." We'll meet at 9:30AM outside the Blair House (across from the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House ) to greet members of Congress as they arrive. Then, we'll hold our own Patients' Summit at the J.W. Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a couple blocks away. We'll provide lunch and we'll be joined by great speakers including Congressmen Tom Price and John Shadegg, Colin Hanna from Let Freedom Ring, and others.

3. Just know that this Thursday beginning bright and early I'm asking you to call, email and if possible visit the district office of your Senators and House member to tell them they better not use the dishonest procedure called "reconciliation" to force through their big government health care takeover. And, please forward this information to your friends.

If you can't be there in Washington, you can still participate. Just log onto to view our LIVE web-cast starting at 11:30AM. (I think that's EST)

I know this is a lot to throw at you with short notice. But you and I have worked too hard to give up now and let the Left force this agenda through Congress with a legislative trick. The American people have already rejected a government takeover of our health care, time and time again. Let's make it clear that we're not falling for the Left's slick advertising campaigns - and that those who support them or stand aside while they subvert democracy will pay a huge price.

Thanks for all you do - now let's win this fight.
P.S. - It's also important that you and I light up Congress's switchboards over the coming days - telling our elected representatives to say NO to ramming through a government takeover of our health care with legislative tricks. CLICK HERE to find out more and contact your members of Congress. Hopefully, we'll talk to you tonight on the national tele-town hall.

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