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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

History Lesson

Over five thousand years ago, MOSES told the children of Israel





Nearly 75 years ago, ROOSEVELT said,










Oh and in case Arianna Huffington sees this: IT'S A JOKE!


LiberalHater said...

I would think he stole our camels too, since he smokes them....oh wait, or was that weed????

off the reservation said...

I have been hiding my asses. They keep the goats company.

Obama needs our shovels so he can have Congress shovel more...

As for the camels? We should tie a Muslim terrorist to four of them and send the camels on their merry way.

Anonymous said...

OTR: are you suggesting that each camel take a separate compass point? PLEEEEEZE!

off the reservation said...

...and a separate limb as well!

butt neckid said...

boy am I glad I'm not a

named osamabama.....wasn't he in the new version of VISITIN' DAY??

off the reservation said...

...on the topic of history lessons...

North Carolina schools to cut US history prior to 1877,2933,584758,00.html

The Progressives continue their war to infect people as young as possible. In place of US prior to 1877, the little kiddies will be immersed in global studies so they can focus on issues important to liberal causes like the environment (though based on junk science, e.g. DDT).

So, our Constitution is trumped by liberal-socialistic Bull Pelosi. Liberals do not care about the Constitution and they will do their level best to make sure that future generations are totally ignorant sheeple.

off the reservation said...

By the way, anyone notice that T-bill rates have been going up? Several of the categories appear to have doubled in the last six months. Several firms that provide projections show them going up more. Curious, how does one extrapolate with debt at an obscene level compared to GDP and Obama pissing off China (someone in his staff was singing the praises of Mao and hanging his balls on some tree)?

Then again, these jerk-offs in the White House will just have everyone pull their IRAs/401Ks out of the market and buy T-bills.

Time to buy that A-SQUARE Hannibal 577 T-Rex fire breathing rhino stopper. I looked at the reloads for that round and all I can say is... damn (whew!)

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Funny you should mention that, might want to go to the Boortz archives for yesterday, he had a LONG article on 401k's.

off the reservation said...

Looked at the article. Yes, I have read about that from several sources. Word is getting around. And now, there are two more sites worth looking at:


A lot of things going on here. Looks like Greece, Portugal, and (maybe) Spain are heading into DEFAULT on their bonds. Investors are selling off in exchange for the "relative" safety of the dollar. Investors tend to believe that a lot of the so-called "recovery" has occurred from governments pumping in capital and creating a temporary fix to a bigger problem. General concern across the board for risks in government bonds globally. Our Labor Department mounted a full court press to go out and find more employed people so they could jockey around the employment numbers.

Do you get a sense that we are headed into a global collapse of currencies out there??????

off the reservation said...

I need to learn how to weld.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I need solar power...

J Cooper said...

OTR Welding?? With your electrical back-ground,EZ!!

Global collapse ?? Whats worth more??

An OZ of gold at 1150,hep me EM.
Or 3000 rds of 223 HP 55gn.

If you don't nave an AR,WHY NOT.

The T-Rex rhino stopper,bad ass,I gotta have one.

off the reservation said...

Welding is the one thing that I never really focused on learning. I can work concrete/mortar/block/rebar. Got the electricians work down and heavy equipment operation/road work. The guy that I partnered with knew how to weld and has passed on. Unfortunately, I was not in the Navy. Now I need to be able to weld the following:

-o- drill stem pipe for fencing and structure support
-o- red iron, rebar
-o- vehicle frames
-o- vehicle panels

No chrome. No aluminum. No stainless. (Get the feeling I am building tank traps, armored cars, and bunkers????)

From what I have observed, a Lincoln or Miller welder will work. Not doing anything requiring X-Ray inspection. Really not looking to spend more than $1,000 for one, unless I have to. Would like it to have its own power source. I am figuring ARC and MIG. There seem to be a few used welders on Craig's List out here. Picked up a few course books on welding. I am a book learner to a certain degree.

Hoping for the Big BN to give me an official opinion!

butt nice one neckid said...

Heeeeey!!!!.....who's pattin' my ass????????

get back here.....more....more.....


worry kate?

off the reservation said...

Butt, I appreciate the Nekkid truth.

Thank you for help off line!

I am wondering about one other thing. Is welding part of Navy Basic Training? It seems like the Navy types that worked for me all knew how to weld, and damn good I might add.

Then again, I guess when you guys decided to trade in those wooden yachts for steel ships all the carpenters had to become welders. Butt, there is that thing about jumping into a sardine can to ride around on the bottom of the ocean for 6 months I have never figured out.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Ya'll playing without me?

butt smartypants neckid said...

OTR......gittin' on a ship that sinks on porpose is friggin' nutz...

not all sailormen know how to weld butt we's sumsmartypantsdrunkinsumbitches...

off the reservation said...

Is it racist or a hate crime to think that all sailors are welders???

off the reservation said...

I gotta admit, it takes a crazy man to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

off the reseration said...

Auntie Em! We are equal opportunity abusers here. Anytime, anywhere, anyone.

butt sailorman neckid said... can teach a sailoman anything.....welding....fixing aircraft (coop I said aircraft and not airplanes)....that jumpin' outa airplanes....'er aircraft is done on a dare....last one out buys the round.....we spend money like we're drunk.....well we are butt it on'y goes to good causes..... tenders (female).....home for unwed mothers....hookers and finally.....fastasshookerpickeruppers (car/pickup truck)

and for those dumbasses that go down to the sea in ships that sink on porpose....we called them SUBMARYNERS.....they called us.....TARGETS!!!!


wasn't he one o' dem greek funnyboys????

off the reservation said...

Watch your Butt around those Greeks, especially when they are baring something!

By the way, this article seems to track.

My inflow of cash is coming from a "green research" group needing a consultant for engineering services. All of my heavy equipment is sitting idle.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

OTR, very interesting article! But the consulting you are doing, won't that eventually lead to some sort of construction? I'm guessing they have some sort of government grant to do this study.

30% unemployment in any industry is scary, but then construction was a direct result of the housing bubble.

Also, this article and many others keep talking about no one loaning money as being a problem. But isn't the real problem that no one is asking for loans? You can't loan if there is no demand. And too many people are scared to commit to a project right now. They don't talk about that part.

Could it be cause Obama & Co. would have to admit it is their policies that are holding us back from committing to any expansion, building or any projects that would require a loan? No one knows how to plan or budget right now. Do not know what to expect. Even short term.

butt neckid said...

so many things linked to building trades.....

concret workers
tile workers
steel mills

I could go on butt there aren't any dumbasses here....hell auntie em not on'y gives us a bitchin' site (as in complain) she's involved in building trades too.....and she has a bitchin' site too....xoxoxoxoxo

we need a person/company with a bucket of balls to say I'm building this......and there would be a crush of folks com'in on board....

I could be wrong........

weasel slapper said...

Yes, BN, we do need someone to come along and start building. The construction industry is the backbone of this nation. But what? We already overbuilt for housing when Congress/Fannie/Freddie decided everybody gets to own a home. We've got half-built neighborhoods that are completly empty. And no foreign companies are in a hugh hurry to run over here and build factories and other industrial plants for two main reasons. 1)Our corporate tax structure and 2)Our love of unions. Most domestic companies have looked overseas to greener pastures and I don't blame them. That basically leaves govt infrastructure. Well we all know that it takes years of planning and permits and other bullshit to even get those projects off the ground because it's done by the govt.
Until we the people decide that our govt is finshed making these idiotic choices than I really don't see much changing in the near future.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

At this point in time, so much damage has been done, a housing turn around won't help. What we need is for Obama to step up on his word during the State of The Union and get nuclear power plants going, get offshore drilling going so we can get some real long term job growth going.

That would entail alot of construction, pipeline trenching and engineering, all some very nicely paying jobs.

We have to hold his toes to the fire for this one.

off the reservation said...

The company that I am consulting to is a start-up R&D effort into an idea for fabricating photovoltaic arrays. They are not really going to go out and employ contractors to construct anything. Their funding source is quite a bit different from the more conventional small business approach.

The company started with several founders putting together a Technical Plan and Business Plan. The plans were then pitched to groups of investors. A group of investors bought into the plans with their capital in exchange for preferred and regular stock. No money was borrowed. As the company meets bench marks, more money will be invested, people may be hired, and prototypes will be constructed. At some point, I believe that they hope to be bought. The are paying me to run simulations on device approaches for the PVs they wish to construct.

From one perspective, they are a money suck. They could fail and eventually $20-$30 million would have been thrown away over four years. On the other hand, they might succeed and likely a Chinese company will purchase them (their technology) and commence the fabrication overseas. The founders will get rich and the remaining people will have to find other work. In the case that they are bought, the investment firms would possibly realize a capital gain.

Like I said before, this is not a typical small business.

off the reservation said...

Egad!!! Sometimes I can be a complete DUMBASS!!

It just occurred to me. This capital gains tax break is going to benefit these fat cat liberals funding this Bull Pelosi Green CRAP! The investors in this "Green" company will make capital gains when they sell to China and get a complete wash of the 15% tax on their gains!

The small business man is STILL getting the Obama SHAFT!!! That pig bass turd is taking our tax money and sending our intellectual property overseas to his big Mao-kissing CHICOMs.

President Obama is DEFINITELY the Manchurian Candidate!

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Bingo!!! AND add to the capital gains baloney the $5000 credit for hiring people (even temporarily) and you see that everything he does is for his buddies.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I'm getting so disgusted with the morons on Boortz lately.

butt neckid said...

me too.....boortz has become......boooooooooooortzzzzzzz

when ya gonna

butt neckid said...

OTR.......I can lay claim to being first with the manchurian thingy.....butt I know I'm in the top 3.......

off the reservation said...

Well bless my BUTT! My mind is going BUTT I remember you saying something about Manchurian Candidate. I can be so thick-headed at times. Yep, old Butt Nekkid was telling me and I was just going along blind as a DUMBASS!

This just rips me. I am in here doing this work and it will likely go to China. All of the solar cell manufacturing is occurring in the Pacific Rim for the most part, between Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Thanks to the EPA, we cannot manufacture here.

I am in the stomach of the DAMN BEAST!!!!

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I'm sorry butt, I was a little under the weather this weekend.

Something Ivan and I have been arguing about on Boortz has me thinking so I will have something for tonight.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

John Murtha died! Who's gonna take his seat?

off the reservation said...

Show me the GRAVE!!!!

I need to dance!

I pray his soul roams the silent, empty, dry regions of deeds.