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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chris Matthews: I forgot he was black tonight for an hour

What kind of a wacko comment did Tingle Leg Matthews make about the SOTU?

I forgot he was black

From one of my favorite blogs FireAndreaMitchell.

I don't get how this can not be considered racist.


butt neckid said...

ol' tingly chris "BLACKED OUT" he was so overcome with the feelin' runnin' up his leg........

maybe he should see a doctor.....or get fitted for a "bag" straped to his leg.....

off the reservation said...

" racial by all appearances..."

Really Mr. Matthews? Is this a well-dressed black man who can articulate like one of those white folk?

"...he's an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other a white people..."

And a few years ago this would have been a KKK meeting lynching a black man? Is that a noose I see behind you????

"...the old tribalism..."

Great, so now we have new tribalism. I was hoping that we would get around to the NEW tribalism. Just the other day I was telling my Miccosukee brother that I was tired of doing that Corn Dance thing every time we got together with the Cherokee down the street.

"...the old ethnicity..."

Now we have new ethnicity. So, Mr. Matthews, what differentiates the old ethnicity from the new ethnicity????

"...seduction tonight..."

Yep, Mr. Matthews is still getting that tingle from President Obama. I think he has now had his second orgasm in his life.

Word Verification: abledul

butt all white boy neckid said...

com'on peeple damn it....osamabama is halfwhite.......

that make 'em a HALFRICAN....SHEEEEECH