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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Updates!!! Time to Boycott HEB Groceries-limits sales at gun show in Texas

More Info:

Tennessee trying to shut down gun shows:

They are trying to deny sales during the gun show, first reports were that they were trying to shut it down completely, but that may not be true.

However, sales are legal so for them to deny that is a violation.


off the reservation said...

A few other posts:

The police force in Austin is among some of the most liberal fascist in certain regards. If you are drinking and driving then they might take you to the station and book you; otherwise, it usually takes up to 7 DUI's before they will start to do something.

However, want to sell a gun? They will throw you on the ground, hand cuff you, and two brutes yank you back up on your feet by the handcuffs. People have had dislocation problems because of these jerks. They mean business. This police force is run by a liberal chief that was selected by a VERY liberal city council. He grew up and was educated in California. He is a former CHiP. His primary drive to populate the ranks is diversity based in nature. They are abolishing exam-based advancements since they tend to be "biased" in some way. Yep, biased against stupid people.

butt neckid said...

wise ol' butt neckid says....."stay away from any cops"...they serve to tazer....

off the reservation said...

I did not see the Tennessee link before. Looks like the BATFE is cranking down. AG Holder must have pushed them to do this.

I wonder what the NRA is doing?

off the reservation said...

By the way, I do all of my gun selling and purchasing through:

I have to use FFL dealers for those sales.

BATFE is getting out of hand. If they know about illegal gun sales going on then why do they not step in and arrest the people doing it? The law is on their side in those cases. There is no logical reason to attempt this unlawful extension of power that violates the rights of the citizens. A lot like King George in the colonies.