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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quote out of the corner of my ear...

This is kind of an on going thing I do, just little quotes I hear as channel surfing, checking headlines or things overheard in passing. Instead of "out of the corner of my eye" I say out of the corner of my ear. Eh deal with it.

"The beauty of capitalism is not that it rewards the rich, but that it rewards those who want to be rich."

-Niger Ennis, Congress of Racial Equality


off the reservation said...

Is it Niger Innis from Harlem?

MSNBC has not been very nice to him:

Unfortunately, he will never be on President Obama's staff.

off the reservation said...

A few of us in the area that do construction with large equipment got together yesterday afternoon. A number of folks are going out of business. Here is something to think on.

A typical track loader goes new for about $200,000 to $250,000. Yes, six digit figure. I bought one used a few years back for $75,000. These guys are trying to unload equipment for $30,000 on a track loader I would love to buy but just cannot. He will eventually sell it but for something much less. I can survive, though for my equipment it is costing me several hundred dollars a month to go around and crank everything just to keep things lubed. Fortunately, I have consulting work to keep up everything else.

President Obama highway stimulus??? A joke! Obama did nothing. I listened to a woman call in this morning crying about her attempts to start a small business and everything drying up. She was in tears, had voted for Obama and now on the verge of convulsions. She put a $150,000 mortgage on her home. She cannot get a single small business loan even with a credit score of over 690. She is making money but cannot hire anyone without capital. The government small business programs are total crap and do nothing but give her forms to fill out. This is a small business minority owned getting the Obama shaft.

Obama is stealing our money, driving us further into debt and the people getting fat are his radical friends and lobbyists moving into the suburbs of Washington, DC. Capitalism cannot work with Obama choking the producers.

Right now, the word with the Mexicans is head to Pennsylvania. Lots of government dollars being spent on paving roads that are already paved and in great shape. They can get great wages standing around doing nothing up there. It is colder than anything in Pennsylvania but the Mexican workers are migrating there for our tax dollars being spent to create BS jobs. Our tax dollars being used in a massive payola scam with the unions.

off the reservation said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, here are our tax dollars being given away to Demoncrat donors. President "fascistpigbassturd" Obama, stealing from us and propping up more of his Chicago Thuggery:

Note that this $25,000,000 contract was an open bid contract. The Obama administration converted it to a "sole-source" contract! The Demoncrat receiving his payola from Obama said that he had no idea it was sole-source. That, I know, is an ABSOLUTE LIE!!!! If you are involved in landing a USeless Govt contract you know full well just what is going on in the contracting process. Everything is documented and every change in the process requires paperwork to be sent to all of the bidders on a contract.

This was an illegal contract begotten completely for political gain. Obama violated federal law and OBAMA SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR HIS MALFEASANCE!!!!!! Then convicted in the Senate and put in jail to rot for the rest of his stinking life.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I saw that on Fox today! That and the shenanigans with AIG security...

Getting trickier and trickier for O to keep an air of "honesty".

off the reservation said...

The group that I am consulting to keep the Boortz site blocked along with a number of other sites. Even Foxnews is blocked. I have to go to a Starbucks around the corner to get on a wireless connection for brief moments.

Even these liberals are sounding more unhappy with Obama. When they start getting down on Obama one of them will chime in with "Bush's fault" comments. Then they get happy again. It is a fun show to watch and they pay me very well. Funny, I accidentally dropped my guard and mentioned that article to which I was met with immediate "Blackwater" Bush/Cheney remarks. Then they followed with comments about all sorts of fictitious oil contract deals with Iraq. I almost blew my cover.

off the reservation said...

Good read from Tshirt doctor:

"A Brief Explanation Of Corporatism & Why Its Bad News For Individual Liberty"

Portion of my comment:

That whole business of GM and Chrysler really torqued me off. I look really hard for the union label now and walk away from it.

Now all of the “green industry” and all of these subsidies going to prop them up. Example: Austin started a subsidy program a few years back where the city would reimburse up to 50% of the cost. Typical system cost, $30,000 to $40,000. If 100 homes a year participated that could be a tax payer bill of $1.5million. This was meant to “help” disadvantaged people. Instead, there were no people in the low income bracket making use of this. After about two years, the tax payers were on the hook for almost $2million.

As a little side benefit, people in the surrounding counties faced higher prices for installation and equipment than people in Dallas or San Antonio because Austin artificially propped up the price. Oh and city regulated people who could install.

The People’s Republic of Austin artificially created a demand and artificially created a supply bottle neck. Result? A small number of people got some “benefit” while almost 1 million Austin citizens and surrounding residents got screwed.

Oh, and did anyone think to look at the energy usage in those target homes? Not an issue because, who cares? “The city is paying for it.”


butt ain't no racist neckid said...

I tried to type Mr Innis' first name several times and spil chick kept adding a I gave up.....

butt gots beer neckid said... are goin' to have to start drinkin', smokin' the gone-ja or git you sum o' doze gubmint pills fo' nerves......if your blood pressure gits to high yo' haid be blowin' off.....

hell start slow....Milwalkeys Best $13 a 30pack an' they take food stamps.......

who wrote the stinkin' code today???.....preceses.....ain't that sum greek guy????